lundi 25 octobre 2010

Tenue du jour - Lundi

Being sick + cold + monday = comfortable, warm and easy outfit.

Isabel Marant Bator coat
COS grey cashmere scarf
Zara green cashmere knit
Gap grey corduroy trousers
New Look boots

11 commentaires:

  1. ah, the bator comes out to play!
    sorry you're sick. lots of tea helps, i hear. :(

  2. I thought you sold your Bator coat x

  3. isabel marant always has great coats!

  4. I got the exact same scarf last year, I wear it every day!

  5. you look great for someone who isn't feeling well, the coat is gorgeous! hopefully you'll feel better soon :)

  6. Pennerad: Tea wasn't enough! I managed to make it to the doctor who gave me stronger drugs!Feeling better now. Thanks.

    Anonyme: Well it turns out fate had other plans for this Bator coat and I...
    I swear ebay is such a pain these days, I just gave up trying to sell it. Like they say, it wasn't meant to be.

    If Jane: Tell me about it! Coats and jackets are a big weakness of mine and IM does both really well. I spotted another one last time I checked her corner at the Galeries Lafayette and sure enough when I tried it on, it was perfect. But I'm a girl with a goal: the duffle coat and nothing else...:))

    Ida: I remember seeing it last year but I was broke and thought my Uniqlo cashmere scarf would be enough but this COS one is so much better! I've been wearing it non stop too.

    mmr : Thanks! I'm calling it clothes therapy! :))
    Nothing to make you feel a bit better than warm and soft clothes but my face was another story. Which made the clerk at the pharmacy say, before I could even give him my note, something like "Oh, you look in pain" and I was "you have no idea! Just give me the drugs please!"

  7. For feeling under the weather you still manage to look amazing... I love easy clothing that looks fabulous. Hope you're feeling better!

  8. If you ever consider selling your bator coat again, I'd be very interested!!;)/sara

  9. Thanks a lot Erin, I'm fine now!

    Garderoben: Will keep it in mind Sara! ;)

  10. You have great sense of style.No wonder,You are french:)

  11. You're very sweet onlycoolcats, thanks a lot!