lundi 20 décembre 2010

10 things

What I feel like wearing this Winter:

  1. fluffly warm angora knits
  2. a shearling, faux-fur or bouclé knit vest to put over a blouse or a slim knit
  3. a little white dress to wear with black opaque tights and tough boots
  4. a bellow the knee skirt
  5. mixing kaki, black, white, grey with my red boots like in the Thakoon pre-Fall collection
  6. wannabee rockerish trouser with faux leather patches
  7. a slim black or dark grey trouser in tweed
  8. flat leather boots like the Céline
  9. a chapka (trapper hat) everyone's wearing one but I feel like joining the bandwagon)  
  10. and I still have a thought for that perfect coat.

(La Garçonne, Vogue / FNO, A fashion tale)

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