dimanche 19 décembre 2010

What to wear : Awful weather - runway style

I find it hard to find what to wear in the very cold weather. For a long time, we had mild winters in France with scarcely snow and temperatures barely falling under the 0° celsius. The past winter was quite a shock and as I'm writing the snow is falling heavily and piling on sidewalks.

For the moment I've been relying on slim / boot cut trousers and wedge boots for the bottom and wool coats or parka on top.A bit like what Burberry 's proposing for the pre-Fall 2011.

But it's getting boring quite quickly so I've been looking for some alternatives.

As much as I like designers collections, I don't see myself in 10 cm boots (not that in all honesty I usually do for that matter...) on the sliding sidewalks and I don't have a chauffeur car to take me to the office sadly...

Designers are slowly adapting to the desires of consumers and adjusting their collections to the necessities of Winter but it's still rare to see looks really appropriate for cold months.

I discovered Tory Burch's collection for FW 2010 through a Mytheresa's newsletter. I only knew that designer through her accessories that I found a bit too much. Likewise, her collection is a bit over the top at times but some silhouettes are styled in a fun and practical way, easy to replicate.

The FNO Vogue show Week-end wrap up was a discovery. Amazing styling very Rag and Bone, well lots of items from the brand were used for that segment. I wish I could  be half as cool bundled-up in mix and match outfits. Nonetheless, I'm very inspired by these looks.

As for Napapijiri, the style is more sporty with slim cargos, tough boots and big outerwear which is cute and perfect for casual Sundays.

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  1. Looks like you found some nice inspiration to take you through - I hope you're staying warm! I also have these moments when I scour the Internet or magazines or my own inspiration folder for ideas to feel fresh.

    I love Rag & Bone's winter looks, all those yummy coats and jackets. They're one label I feel does winter better than summer.

  2. Thanks Lin. I just came home from an invigorating walk in the snow!

    Feeling fresh when you're rotating with limited garnments can be tricky and boring especially in winter so I grasp at anything to keep being inspired.

    I completely agree with you on Rag&Bone. I found the SS collection disappointing whereas this FW was in my opinion just right and well done.

  3. Wool socks are essential!
    Warm feet will give me such a nice all over warm feeling.

    For the rest, several layers are better than 1 thick jumper. Scarves + beanies.
    I just ordered that X-large wool Canada scarf from Acne. Will serve me so well in this weather.

    I haven't been able to wear my new boots (with a 8cm-heel) yet, because of the snow....

    Hou het warm en gezellig :-))
    (I read that you were taking Dutch classes)

  4. Oh yes, nothing more terrible than cold and damp feet, that will spoil your day!
    Same: all my cute shoes are stored till the snow leaves and temperatures reach at least the 0°.
    Dank je wel Vegalyn. Ja hoor! Ik leer Nederlans! Ik ben warm in mijn huis vanmiddag. Gezellig gegeten Hema stroopwafels met thee! Lekker!

  5. "slim / boot cut trousers and wedge boots for the bottom and wool coats or parka on top" is pretty much my everyday uniform these days!

  6. @Dahlia: That's the best uniform these days! Non? At least, it's practical...