samedi 18 décembre 2010

Tenue du jour - black and snow

More snow on Paris! 
Here's what I wore yesterday. All black and tough with a peacoat, my faux-leather and coton trousers and moto boots. I christened the Sorel today!

Gap peacoat and boots
Isabel Marant Etoile knit
Jennyfer trousers
Alexander Wang bag

5 commentaires:

  1. Your gap peacoat is perfect. Exactly what I have been looking for, just simple, preferably with 6 buttons. when did you buy it?

  2. Thanks a lot Fleurette! I must have bought it in 2007. But you can still find a similar one I expect, as it's a classic item that they keep having in every FW, like the boots.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I hope I'll find in when I'm back in Paris in February. I didn't notice until now that your pants are from Jennyfer. I used to shop there a lot when I was 12-13 y/o. That was the COOL shop. Haha!

  4. cute! i love all of these pieces! :)

  5. @ Fleurette: Ha Jennyfer!! It's one of those store, like Pimkie, I usually snub. The music is loud as well as some of the clients.Well, it's meant for teenagers so I guess it's quite normal...
    Anyway, their clothes can be very tacky but for trendy cheap items you can find little gems there.

    Thanks a lot Natalie!