samedi 11 décembre 2010

Tenue du jour - Friday wear

peacoat: Kookai
knit: Comptoir des Cotonniers
scarf: Cos
trousers: Zara
boots: New Look
bag : Anna Corinna

11 commentaires:

  1. super look! and i adore your anna corinna bag! (i do want one!..badly!)

  2. Beautiful coat! I like the contrast against the huge cozy grey scarf

  3. Thanks a lot Dahlia, If Jane and Prêt à Porter P!

  4. Great look. I have been hunting for the similar scarf from COS.The one You have is out of stock in Copenhagen:(

  5. Comfy yet stylish, I especially love your choice of boots.

  6. Aïssa! I'm tagging you to do a post on what's inside your bag! Looking forward to reading your answers!

    xx Fleurette

  7. @onlycoolcats: I can understand why it's sold out especially in CPH! I've been wearing mine almost non stop.

    Thanks a lot q9y8 !

    @ DEAD FLEURETTE:Uh uh, there's not much to see in my bag...

  8. Love this look with the light coloured coat!

  9. Oh, you seemed to have bought a coat? Really nice one, I love light colored outerwear for winter.

    I am really lazy in searching for the new winter coat. Should get on with it, or at least go scouting for one before the winter sales begins.

  10. Thanks t!

    Thanks Vegalyn! Yep, the coat is new. I was fed up with my grey and black ones and since I couldn't find the perfect duflle-coat I was hunting, I got this camel peacoat.