mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Tenue du jour - Weather report

Above is the view from my office today at noon. Very pretty sight, alas snow also meant troubles in the métro and sliding sidewalks.

I'd never thought we would have that much snow so early in the season... So as you can guess, my goals dressing up this morning were warmth and safety. 

For warmth, I added layers, a thermal and a white shirt then my new fair Isles knit and skinny dark grey trousers. My hooded scarf to protect from the cold and the snow fall and for safety  I put on what seemed to be the most appropriate shoes I had for the situation, wedge boots with tough soles. 

But I'm highly considering those Sorel boots now...Wink @ If Jane !
peacot: Gap
hooded scarf: Cos
knit and shirt: h&m
trousers: Zara
wedge boots: Minelli
Bag: Balenciaga
mittens: c&a

7 commentaires:

  1. That sweater is so great...I admit I thought they looked cheesy when I saw them in shops, but they look absolutely right in the weather you're having. Stay warm!

  2. oh you have such an amazing view from yoru window...;)) i have never ever seen paris with that much snow!
    great sweater!
    and yes...aïssa get the sorels! ;)) xx

  3. ps...and dare i say, you are close to where my cousin's office was---beautiful area to work (and live!)

  4. Thanks Lin! The sweater with its rolled neck was really helpful that particular day!

    Paris under a full snow storm was quite a sight If Jane!

    Still thinking about the Sorels as budget is a bit tight...Sigh...Well my bad actually as I indulged in a new bag before thinking about my poor feet!

  5. oh! anyway...i was thinking of you as i saw some sorels today and wanted to tell you: the plain ones cost 110$ (canadian) and the more fancy ones got up to 160$ (canadian)...just so you know the price range. oh! a bag is good! ;))

  6. That is the perfect sweater for a snowy day. You look wonderful Aïssa.:-)

  7. @If Jane: Ah well, I got the Sorels as cold and snow are not done with us anytime soon. I'll be very much poor but at least safe!! :))

    Thanks so much q9y8 ! It means a lot, as with the cold it's so tedious to get an outfit that's not too boring.