dimanche 5 décembre 2010

The trendy item that keeps creeping back in my mind

A bit of (faux) fur

Polyvore (click on set for items list)

Dina's post on faux fur vests awakened a lingering envy. I had tried several ones at Zara but always left them on the racks because I felt wearing one was too trendy.
Now I can picture a faux fur vest under my Gap parka or Zara coat or over my leather jacket.
Don't know if I will cave in but it could be a fun addition.

8 commentaires:

  1. I know what you mean. I'd love a rabbit fur vest in this awful weather, but I always looks really odd in fur vests. :S

  2. Love it! I actually find the look quite a classic...is it really trendy to wear a touch of fur? I guess it's quite a showy look.But I do love the Zara vest in the bottom right corner.

  3. i love the idea, you should go for it!

    although i must say, a lot of the zara stuff looks way better in pictures than in real life - i've seen the fur-trim cardigan and didn't really like it, although it looks great in the photo! i do like that one in the top left, though i have not seen it in stores.

  4. My poor Ida! Good luck with those freezing temperatures!

    Lin: Thanks! It's just that this kind of vest were so popular with the whole boho look at one point that I made a blocage on it. It must be this freezing weather that suddenly lifted the veil on the qualities of said item! :)

    Thanks Koko! I actually was at a Zara store and wasn't impressed either by the items I had picked on polyvore...But I'll keep looking. I saw that a lot of stores provided such models.

  5. i have this black crazy fake mammoth fur vest from zara. it's extremely nice in the way that it drapes but i don't wear it as much as i would like to...

    from the examples you chose i really like the last one!

  6. Love the one in the second row, right hand corner. But don't recall seeing it in my local Zara.

    Anyway, I'm on a business trip in Taiwan this week, where the sun is shining and the temperature is at a perfect 20 degrees. Who needs a fur vest? :-P

  7. i'm having the exact same problem! i'm imagining a heavy fur coat for night time in winter, but have not come across anything that tickles my fancy, especially because i see it as a VERY trendy item. my favorite here is the bottom right one.

  8. @ Dahlia: That's also why I don't know if it's worth buying this style of vest. I want to be sure I can wear it a lot with as many items I already own.

    @Vegalyn: Hmm, hope you enjoy that trip! SO envious right now!! I saw that Zara vest just a few days ago so I think it's fairly new but it's best as a stand alone piece and I want to be able to wear it now, meaning underneath a coat...

    @Pennerad: I like your Zara pick too but when I tried it on with my coat it looked weird. Even more when I closed said coat...which makes the item lose all appeal at the moment.

    H&m has fake fur coats (black and leopard) that would have been brilliant for night out except that I didn't like the cut. Otherwise, it's a nice compromise between style and warmth.