samedi 4 décembre 2010

What I should have worn

Snow day

Polyvore (click on the set for items list)

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  1. that's quite a large $$$ tally you've got going there, hehe.

    love the sweater, looks like the cut is perfect.

    corduroy gets a nerdy/dorky rep sometimes but i actually wear them in the wintertime, they're warmer than jeans! i have some skinny-cut ones from jcrew that i love.

  2. Ha ha ha! One can dream right?! So easy with Polyvore and without transferring debts on next generations!

    I saw the Marant sweater and though I haven't tried it on, it looked really nice.

    Completely agree with you on cords but I saw jeans at Uniqlo that are supposedly protecting from the cold or at least preserving the body heat. I want to try them. It's so cold here!

  3. Love this outfit! I've had wellis boots on my wish list for such a long time and I never seem to get them. Maybe next year. I was thinking of you yesterday because I was at a store that was closing down and they all all isabel marant at 40% off. I really liked a chanel-like jacket but they didn't have my size.

  4. Thanks Emmy! Got the Hunters wellies on ebay a couple of years ago after ruining cute red ballet flats because of a Spring flood.

    Ha, we have to wait till early January in France for sales but I have my mind on the Isabel Marant sweater displayed on the Polyvore set and that's it (I think... for Marant anyway).

  5. love your choices! girls are wearing the hunters here now with extra thick socks for the winter!