dimanche 20 février 2011

Pre-Spring : Mode pro

Let's not kid ourselves, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, under a temperate climate, days may be a little longer, March only a few days ahead but it's still very much freezing, at least it is in Paris right now. 

So I did a little selection and a collage, based on what's already in my closet, of what I'm thinking of wearing until we can officially ditch the heavier coats when on professional mode. 

I would favour a lighter palette, a mix of greys (very dominant in my Winter wardrobe)  and  beige (from camel to nude) with a touch of navy.

The central piece would still be the outerwear. I chose my camel peacoat (Kookaï) because  it's  the lightest one I own with a classic cut - perfect for work outfits. 

First option:
  • On top: the shirt/blouse and knit (sweater or cardi) classic combination.
  • As for the bottom:  cropped slim trousers (Gap) or a short skirt (Isabel Marant for example).
  • To finish: high heeled black boots (mine are not these gorgeous Rag and Bone!) or flat brogues and a light grey bag (Anna Corinna).
Second option :
  • The aforementioned coat with a knit dress over a shirt teamed with the same accessories.
(From Polyvore. Please click on the set for credits)

4 commentaires:

  1. Such a perfect color palette. I love beige, pale grey, and navy for warmer weather. So fresh. I can't wait to see the navy sweater with the black skirt! I'm so ready for spring to finally get here!

  2. I'm already back to white hot summer. It's like all thr rain in December and January never happened. I like your colour palette: think that beige coat is perfect at hinting at warmer weather without looking like out of place.

  3. Love the grey shirt in the top right corner. I have a similar one from MUJI that I got on business trip in Taiwan.

    I bought a camel cashmere coat at the end of the sales. Still wait to wear it. The weather turned freezing again, still hoping for spring to arrive....

  4. Thanks S! I like that this color scheme is sober yet fresh for the office and easy to coordinate, a bonus to get dressed quickly in the morning. Can't wait for Spring either !

    Ha Lin, don't expect some sympathy to your complaint about hot summer when I'm answering you bundled up under covers freezing! :)) Ok maybe a little then, as I know how smothering tropical climate can be.

    Vegalyn: you just reminded me of a great spot for basics. I'm actually looking for a white cotton shirt and was really disapppointed in the models I found at H&M, Zara and Uniqlo.
    The coat you got sounds amazing, why wait to wear it?