samedi 19 février 2011

Tenue du jour - Signature look

A few days ago, watching Bill Cunningham's videos, I came upon one named "A Stretch of Leg"

Mr Cunningham accurately identifies the urban signature look of the era: a long stretch of leg, covered with skinny trousers or opaque tights, finished by ankle boots.  

As popularized mostly by Balenciaga, Kate Moss and the Paris Vogue team.

It's indeed every city girl's uniform from New-York to Paris and I'm no exception.
Today with the rain going strong, errands to run, my favorite shopping spots to check, I gave into this no brainer silhouette: a big army green parka, skinny trousers and boots.

I like how this look puts the legs, the walk in focus. At one point, Bill Cunningham evokes spider legs to illustrate his first impressions on this look and I find the parallel quite poetic, cities full of women with long black spider legs.

parka, vest : Gap
stripped knit, trousers : Zara
scarf: Uniqlo
mittens: c&a
bag: Anna Corinna
high heeled buckle boots: Eram

7 commentaires:

  1. Yes, this is definitely the signature look of the moment, in SF too. You wear it well ... layering is a tricky thing, you do so expertly.

  2. hmm...oh well, spiders it is then. it is quite poetic, but i also find that the skinnier leg serves to lengthen the silhouette without the encumbering platform/stiletto look that most urban femmes go for. perhaps i'm looking into it too beautiful layering, indeed.

  3. i dig the stretch of leg...looks fab!

  4. Love this look!

  5. S, Pennerad : I find it incredible how a look can be seized by women from different continents, even with Internet and all. It's still something powerful non? That more or less (sub)conscious wave to adopt the same look...
    Anyway, thank you both!

    Thanks a lot If Jane!

    Thanks t!

  6. Such a nice look, I like that's very utilitarian and chic at the same time. I love how Bill Cunningham calls out a trend - he does it from a very journalistic pt of view, rather than a 'fashion-y' pt of view. That's what I call a true photojournalist.

  7. Thanks Lin and I second your thoughts on Bill Cunningham. There's real substance and analysis in his work.