mardi 22 février 2011

A study in nonchalance

Non·cha·lance (nän-shə-ˈläns) n. Casual lack of concern: the trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care (Free Dictionnary)
Key words of this definition: seeming not to care. 
Bellow key ingredients to achieve that carefree look this Spring.

Michael Kors SS 2011 ad

A big chunky tan knit sweater, a floppy frayed hat. 
PS: Thanks for the eye candy Michael.

Kristin Scott Thomas

A silk shirt, rolled up jeans and sandals.
PS:She makes me regret not getting these APC sandals last Summer.

Tracee Ellis-Ross

A tailored jacket, crinkled rolled up (again) chinos and brogues. 

La Garçonne editorial n°1  Feb. 2011

A cardi, overalls, mannish shoes.
PS: Shout-out to Prêt à Porter P on the overalls!

dear fieldbinder
Grey sweater, tapered rolled up (definitely a pattern here) trousers and light wedge cut-out sandals.

Ba&Sh lookbook 2011

Snugly knit, slightly baggy jeans, tough belt and heels.

10 commentaires:

  1. ah, thanks for the inspirational pictures. Rolled jeans/pants and loose sweaters are exactly what I'm craving for spring.

  2. LOL! ;P I wouldn't mind to come across the right pair of olive chinos one day, but it's not a priority...

  3. Great looks! Simple, chic and lovely!!!

  4. All the looks capture the spirit of nonchalance really well. If only I can find that perfect loose sweater in a light material.

  5. Great looks!

  6. Great post..on the hint for a perfect loose-knit hard to find!x

  7. Very inspirational! Where can a find the perfect tapered rolled black linen pants? So hard to find.
    I know Isabel Marant has some great linen pants this spring, but I can't find any main line items here.

  8. S: We'll be twins come Spring then! :))

    Prêt à Porter P:I couldn't resist! I guess you're still looking for the white blazer. I found decent chinos at H&M and Gap.

    Thanks Emmy!

    Lin: Maybe a linen mixed sweater? I think I saw some at Zara.

    Thanks t!

    Thanks Milly. Indeed, it's hard to find. I just experienced it at h&m which has a Michael Kors-like knit but the stitch already gives sign of tear. Pity.

    Garderoben: Comme par hasard my favorite slouchy trousers are Etoile...Just a hint you know...

  9. I saw some on gap's website, but haven't checked it out in person. Thanks for the tip about h&m. When I'm in the clothes shopping mood I may check them out. I'm not even looking for the white blazer to be honest.

  10. You're welcome Prêt. I've experienced the same kind of loss of interest in shopping for a few weeks. I guess that's good for the bank account.