jeudi 24 février 2011

Tenue du jour - Inner boy

Today was "casual thursday" as I'm not working tomorow (Yay!). 
Being a bit fed up with what I basically wore all week (camel peacoat, boot cut trousers and high heeled boots), I did a 180  and decided to unleash my inner preppy boy. 
So I wore the classic white shirt under v-neck knit combination with slightly cropped loose trousers and brogues. 

Coat: Isabel Marant 
knit : Uniqlo
shirt: H&m
trousers: Zara
bag: Anna Corinna
brogues: Fratelli Rossetti

10 commentaires:

  1. Wow, this is just perfect. I love your outfit!

  2. Love it! Pretty much how I dress every day for work. Nice brogues. That's one item that's going on my fall list for sure!

  3. Borrowed from the boys but still utterly womanly. The difference is all in how the garments are shaped and worn, no? You look beautiful.

  4. Awesome outfit. Everything of yours fits you so well. I always wish it was cold enough for me to wear a sweater over my shirt...

  5. Looks great on you.

    I think I have the same pair of trousers :-))

    Bon Weekend!

  6. Thank you Fleurette!

    Thanks Koko! Oh, these brogues, I'm so thankful for this unexpected gift. Just the right accessory to shake my outfits up.

    S: Thanks a lot. I agree! I still prefer being called Mademoiselle or Madame!

    Thanks Lin! We can trade places you know. A week in Paris so you can stuff yourself out with all the Winter clothes you want and I will enjoy feeling actual warm not central heated air on my skin.;))

    Vegalyn: Thanks! Ain't it funny how with Zara and co, we all have the same clothes! It's even more obvious with blogs. I spend my time spying stuff I saw in stores or that I own.

  7. I adore this outfit! I think it's my favorite of yours so far. Love how the shirt peaks out from the sleeves. :)

  8. great. love the brogues and pants especially.

  9. Love the pants! Why don't I ever find anything like that at Zara? Great look.

  10. Ah, that's very sweet! Thanks Dahlia!

    Thanks Pennerad!

    Garderoben: Between the crowd, loud music, prices increase and fluctuating quality, I often watch Zara's stock from far away but rarely take the time to check it in detail and actually buy. Thanks to their online store, I can do a little preview and triage comfortably at home.