dimanche 13 mars 2011

The Copy vs The Original

A few weeks ago, I was considering Spring accessories

The two tone ballets flats by Minelli (bellow) were among my shoes selection. 

I tried them on and though they looked good, the sole was very flimsy and the model on display already showed signs of quick deterioration. 

Naturally, I was quite disappointed but another idea was nurtured

a) from years of from afar crush and craving on the ultimate two-tone ballet,
b) and revived by creating a set on Polyvore on an idle Sunday afternoon.

So I took my time, went to the store and department stores corners, watching again, trying a selection of ballets flats, leaving, coming back and at last, voilà!

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  1. They look so pretty! Great investment buy!

  2. oh, they're amazing!
    May I ask how much they cost? I'm thinking about getting either these or the ones from London Sole. :)

  3. Original is original and even the best copies can beat that! Wear well! ;)

  4. Omg, congrats! They are fantastic!!

  5. They are so beautiful! Can't wait to see them on.

  6. Thanks Robin! I've been trying them on non stop since I got them! It's such a satisfying purchase.

    Thank you Fleurette ! I can't wait to wear them!

    Ginta: So right! It was a process for me though, as lux brands are not on my first thought. I tend to relegate them to "dream" or lottery win options... The idea to even go in the rue Cambon store was a bit daunting. I'm glad I did get them, now I can move on and stop looking for substitutes.

    Heart in a cage: Thanks! They cost 390 euros. Much much more than the London Sole I'd say...

    Prêt à Porter P: Hey, that's beauty inside/out! I guess the price entails the tons of ribbons and camelias! :))
    Seriously, I could get addicted to all that decorum. I won't lie it's quite a nice change from the crowd at Zara and the h&m plastic bag!!

    Thanks Garderoben! It's getting warmer so I should be able to premiere them this week !

    Thanks a lot mmr!

  7. Congrats!

    Love the way you took the pics, partially hidden, even more charming...

  8. ack so beautiful!! Ok, what I want to know is, how do they compare to say, Repetto, comfort wise? I've never seen the Chanel in person, but I have to say that I find Repetto not terrible comfortable ... soft yes, but the thin sole isn't great except sitting around the office. More and more the Chanel flats have been catching my eye. Anyway, I can't wait to see them in action!

  9. Oh I felt my heart beat faster when I saw it! The experience of buying them was surely half the treat :) I hope you have a lovely time wearing them!

  10. Thanks Vegalyn! The partially hidden display was most unvoluntary! Not an artistic option but glad you like it! :))

    Dahlia: Yes, I swoon too when I put them on! :))

    Merci If Jane!! C'est même la CClasse! :)) Je sais, c'est nul! :))

    I know S! I was a little dubious the first time I saw them because of the beige color which I thought wouldn't work with my skin tone but when I put them on all doubts were gone.
    I walked around the house and they seem OK. I'll know for sure once on the streets.
    Regarding the comparison w/ Repettos, I can't say for sure as I only tried this brand once but the Chanel seem sturdier.
    Will keep you posted on my impressions in situ!

    Thank you Lin! Purchasing them was surprisingly a zen moment.
    I was more giddy and nervous the first time I tried them on! The SA must have been relieved to actually see me buying them instead of just trying the same model over and over!

  11. Enjoy your new shoes. Nothing beats the original!

  12. Congrats and enjoy your new shoes! You must be so ready for Spring!

    I love how Chanel packages everything. The ribbons and Cameilas. So precious. Sometimes we all deserve to treat ourselves.

  13. Beautiful! I'm sure these will join the ranks of your IM Bator coat and suede booties when it comes to versatility and wear :-)

  14. Thanks a lot Angie! It's funny since I bought them I see knock-offs everywhere!

    Lindsay K: Thank you! I'm not familiar with lux brands packages but Chanel impressed me and I'm not even a bow and ribbons kind of woman!
    And I see we share the same profile pic of Liya!;) Such a beauty.

    Thanks Koko!I won't prove you wrong! I plan to wear them non-stop!! :))

  15. Amazing buy! Love them!


  16. Gorgeous!!! I love mine to death but don't wear them that often because I find them a bit uncomfortable (I know they are flats, but still). Ohh and I recently dropped cough syrup on them and also on my almost brand new nude repettos. I was soo mad! lol!

  17. Thanks a lot t!

    Thank you Emmy! What a bummer they're uncomfortable for you! Hopefully you'll be able to save both shoes from cough syrup stains!

  18. Those are DELICIOUS. Beautiful purchase.

    Be sure to get them resoled with new leather when the time comes. (Or you can do it now, which is what I do with my Repettos; I wear them a couple of times to scuff up the bottoms, then take them to the cobbler for resoling. Really preserves s a delicate, high-end shoe.)

  19. Thanks LuxeBytes!
    I'm also careful of all my shoes so the resoling was indeed already planned.