jeudi 17 mars 2011

Tenue du jour - A taste of Spring

Here is what I wore yesterday on a Spring-like day in Paris, with lots of sunshine and clement temperatures (15°c !). So hard to stay confined to the office.

It was a simple outfit, grey and beige combination: grey wool jacket (my beige trench is at the dry-cleaner otherwise I would have worn it), a light cotton knit in a natural light beige color, grey tappered trousers and two-tone ballet flats.

I had brought my old and very comfortable Lanvin flats in case the Chanels were unbearable at the end of the day but the verdict is in: they are very comfortable. No pains or unpleasant rubbing. What a relief. I'd have hated if they had turned out to be one of those nasty pernicious shoes which feel great inside but are a nightmare once you actually set a footwear them in the street!  

Depending on the weather of course, variations of this look will be one of my main business uniform: jacket or trench, cropped trousers, flats or pumps, that I have to bring back from storage... Spring is in the air!

jacket, knit: Etoile IM
trousers: Zara
ballet flats: Chanel

12 commentaires:

  1. Oh, I abolutely adore your outfit! Who knew that grey and beige would look so good together? At least I didn't.. I always avoid that color combination because I never make it work, but you on the contrary.. this is pure perfection, and hearing you talking about your new flats makes me kind of even more convinced that I need to put my hands on them!

  2. Oh you are a vision. I'm glad I don't have to dress up for work, but if I did, this is how I would want to look. And the flats look good, and I'm glad to hear they are as comfortable as your Lanvins (or maybe close).

  3. I love the outfit as well! I wish I could wear beige without feeling like I'm disappearing. The flats are just beautiful.

  4. Great look! You wear those shoes well!

  5. Lovely as always! That sweater is so cute! Too bad it's almost impossible to get!
    have a great weekend!

  6. Merci Fleurette! It's funny because I love grey, it's an all-season staple color for me. Come Spring I just associate it with lighter colors instead of the usual black or navy.

    Thanks S! I have less of a hard time to get dressed for work now, sometimes even enjoying it, still I wish I could wear my jeans and IM boots to work!

    Thanks Garderoben! Maybe adding a bright or printed scarf would "pop up" that color mix.

    Thanks t!

    Ah, merci If Jane!!

    Emmy: thank you! Have a nice week-end too!

  7. Those shoes just make your whole outfit. LOVE!!

  8. i have always loved this combination. i also favor this silhouette more now that i am older: the cropped trouser (of various widths), slouchy sweater/top, and flats. wonderfully executed; i'm hoping to do this more as the weather warms up!

  9. Thanks LuxeBytes!!

    Pennerad: It's also among my favourite combination: Audrey Hepburn's style legacy! Well I'm sure others before her wore that look but this silhouette's linked to her in my subconscious.

  10. Fleurette is right, grey and beige look perfect together. I didn't know it either (embarassed:)
    BTW, With Your light brown skin tone everything looks perfect.Spring is in the air and my obsession that I am too pale for bare legs is killing me.
    You don't have that problem, lucky You.

  11. onlycoolcats: Ah the bare legs. I've been thinking about it since Spring is in effect. It's tricky: I really want to take the tights off but it's still cold in the mornings. I'd like to avoid getting sick so I try to reason myself.