dimanche 6 mars 2011

The Kids are alright

Zara Pont-Neuf window

On my way home a few days ago I skidded in front of the Zara window displaying tiny manequins in these basic and chic looks and took the above pic.
It then reminded me that I had saved other pics on my PC from the kids lookbook. So cute.
The styling is a source of inspiration for me, a grown woman.

Zara Kids lookbook

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  1. I always love Zara's kids department. Luckily, the sizes still fit me! I'm thinking of buying that trenchcoat but I'm about the beige colour. I think I prefer it a bit darker.
    I might buy it anyway and dye it myself!

  2. heart in a cage: I know, Zata Kids is so cute!!
    The look also made me think of Emmanuelle Alt's daughter who was pictured a few fashion weeks ago in a cute little trench, rolled up jeans and ballet flats. Very adorable.
    Good luck for the trench!

  3. So cute!



  4. so darn cute! I think what's nice about these looks (and perhaps other children's looks) is that there's something very unfussy about it all ... not too many accessories, always comfortable shoes, etc. And agreed, I just loved Emmanuelle's daugher's outfit. Although Repettos (as least I think they are) for a child who will outgrow those shoes in a year? wow ...

  5. S: You emphasized the right points! I guess I'm still a kid at heart because simple and basic with a twist is what I like the most.

  6. nicely stated...I actually want to wear a lot of these looks. the new vogue paris has a great kids supplement that I find so inspiring. lovely blog!

  7. Thanks a lot Sisters in black frocks!
    It's funny because though I don't have a kid, I always browse through Milk mag and I find that Vogue or L'Officiel kids suppelements are more interesting than the actual "adult" mag...