samedi 5 mars 2011


A few unposted outfits shots.

At Le Bon Marché, trying some Etoile clothes before heading to La Grande Epicerie (miam!) : Uniqlo tee and trousers, Alexander Wang bag.

After work, shopping break at h&m. More black and grey with a pop of red: Zara coat,  stripped sweater and trousers, Cos scarf, C.Petula boots, h&m tote. 

Saturday. First time out for Roy but with 2 thermals underneath.  I'm glad I didn't trust that shiny sunny day, it's fricking cold!!
Isabel Marant coat, IM Etoile knit and boots, h&m jeans and tote. 

6 commentaires:

  1. Roy is a beauty, love that outfit! Too bad I missed the Roy band wagon. I found the red/navy/white cable knit instead. The Bator looks so good on you. Why didn't I bid when you had it on eBay:)?

  2. check mark of coolnes to all the looks...:)0

  3. All outfits look great on you! I can't believe you almost sold your Bator on ebay!

  4. Garderoben: Thanks! There's an auction on the Roy knit on ebay France which ends today...
    I guess fate was on my side when you didn't bid on the Bator! ;)

    Thanks If Jane!

    Thanks S! Can't believe my luck no auctions on the Bator came through!

  5. oh, how is the quality of the H&M-tote?
    Haven't seen it yet here in the stores.

    Your Petula boots still rock !!

  6. Vegalyn: Thanks!
    The bag's okay. No problem so far and I've worn it almost non-stop since I got it last week.