jeudi 16 juin 2011

Summer boots

After more than 6 months of tights, cashmere socks and boots, it's such a pleasure comes Spring to bare legs and toes that the last thing I want to wear is boots.  

That was before I stumbled upon the Bodkin lookbook.

I can't get over how cool these boots are. I don't know which brand they are, could be Golden Goose, JM Weston or Sartore. 

Perfectly beat up, buckles and flat. I can't keep my eyes off them. They'd be a great alternative to the Marant boots.

The clothes aren't too bad either...

8 commentaires:

  1. Hahaha. I just got those no. 6s I've had my eye on for so long. And they will be my new rainy day summer boot I think!
    I was equally captivated by this lookbook. THE boots are wonderful indeed.

  2. Those are great boots. Kind of makes me regret that I just sold a similair Moma pair, caramel and all beat up..

  3. I love these looks! I always love the look of bare legs and ankle boots. ;)

  4. Right t!?

    Nancy: I know I'm a master temptress!! :))

    Hey Pennerad, thanks to stop by!! Congrats on the purchase. You looked so cool with the N°6 boots you had this Winter, I'm sure the one you just got are great.
    I'm seeing now the wisdom of having Summer rains proof boots... It feels like April showers have finally caught up with us in June!

    Garderoben: Yes they are, I've been googling trying to find the brand of these boots to no avail.

    I like the look too Heart in a cage! Guess if the temperatures don't go up in the next days, I'll be able to pull it off! :))

  5. lady chatterly23 juin 2011 à 05:16

    I, too, was lusting after those boots when I first saw the lookbook. After frantic googling (like you), I actually emailed Bodkin and asked them. This is what Daphne of their customer service said to me:
    "The boots are vintage and belong to Eviana. Sorry we can't help you more, but eBay is always good for vintage boots."

    I can't help feeling that perhaps there is an ironic lesson here for those of us who are a tad fashion-obsessed?

  6. Thanks for sharing lady chatterly!! You're right, it's really inspiring that a brand would style their clothes with vintage finds. The boots just add the personal-can't replicate-original touch.