dimanche 21 août 2011

Tenue du jour - It's now or never!

I bought this dress on eBay a while ago and I think it's the second or third time tops that I'm wearing it. 
For once, as the season is coming to an end I can honestly say that I'm not fed up yet with my Summer closet!
It's a typical look I reach for on the (last) hot days: a little cotton or linen dress, sandals, a bag and voilà, done! It's pulled together yet fresh enough to stand the heat in the city.

dress/robe: Etoile IM
bag/sac: YSL
sandal(e)s: André

9 commentaires:

  1. That straw bag is fantastically chic! I don't remember seeing it before. It works nicely with the dress.

  2. lovely dress...you always have such good taste...so chic!

  3. Yeah, I'd wear pretty much everything you wear! Lovely dress!

  4. Thanks Prêt! That straw bag is without a doubt in my personal "best-of Summer 2011" purchase. Though you didn't see it before, it's in constant use since I got it...

    Nancy : I appreciate your sweet words a lot and they go straight to my (getting bigger by the minute) head! :)) You're amazing, thanks!

    Thank you Emmy! I'd wear everything you wear too. What about some overseas swaps?

    Dank u Chouchou-Robine! U hebt een lekker blog!

  5. Super cute dress!


  6. You look so right for the hot weather - during a hot spell some time back I started dragging out my dresses as well, because the thought of pulling on usual jeans became too disgusting. And agree with Pret, your YSL bag is the perfect touch.

  7. Thanks t and Lin! I've been relying on dresses non stop these past days. I don't feel like wearing trousers at all when it's hot, I leave that for Fall and for work it's perfect and easy.

  8. I have yet to wear a summer dress -unbelievable! I've been wearing shorts instead on the very few hot days this summer. You look lovely!