vendredi 7 octobre 2011

Thanks for the ride

The screening of Drive left me with a knot in my belly as the tension I felt during the movie slowly eased out. I couldn't say oon the spot if I loved the movie and if I agreed with the cult label it's receiving. Yet hours later I'm still haunted by the mix of sweetness, fast paced action,  feverish graphic violence, beautiful night shots of LA and brilliant soundtrack which I've been listening to non stop this morning (the last time that happened to me was for Inception). And the stellar acting job Ryan Gosling did.
Well, I guess I did love this ride.

A la fin de la séance de Drive, le ventre noué par cette tension qui n'avait cessé de m'agripper dès le début du film, je n'étais pas certaine de l'avoir apprécié. Pourtant plusieurs heures après j'étais encore sous l'influence de l'atmosphère à la fois froide, calme presque fleur bleue parfois et de déchainement de violence crue. Les scènes de LA by night sont magnifiques, celles d'action parfaitement réalisées, la bande originale m'obsède au point où je l'écoute non stop depuis ce matin et Ryan Gosling est impeccable. Bref, à l'évidence, Drive m'a transporté.

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3 commentaires:

  1. Excited to see this film!
    I really like the fact that your writing both in english and french now, that way I can practice my french, haha! ;)

  2. i have yet to see it, and many have said it was great (althought quite violent)...shall let you know when i do...;))

  3. heart in a cage:I also loved the styling! The driver's redeemed the 80's satin bomber and leather gloves!

    Nancy:The violence is indeed quite graphic and I had to avert my eyes during some scenes.