lundi 7 novembre 2011

Un petit coup de rouge

Bon, les Français le savent, novembre c'est le mois du Beaujolais Nouveau. Je vous épargne les commentaires de comptoir et les analyses "journalistiques" sur le crû 2011 dont nous serons abreuvés dans quelques jours. 
Il n'empêche qu'en ce moment, je succombe régulièrement au petit coup de rouge. A petite dose hein!
Entre boire ou prendre le métro sans asphyxier mes voisins d'effluves éthyliques et les saouler en demandant une p'tite-pièce-sivousplait, j'ai choisi. Je reste dans les limites du raisonnable et d'ailleurs ma consommation de rouge se limite surtout à mes tenues de tous les jours: une petite rayure bordeaux ici, des lèvres aux teintes pinot par là, une maille à la robe chianti, des ongles syrah, une paire de boots couleur merlot et c'est tout. Juste histoire de relever toutes ces tenues grisâtres. J'vous le jure. In vino veritas.

French know that November is the month of the Beaujolais Nouveau day. As a tradition, on that day, the 3rd thursday of November, when the new wine is released, discussions in cafés revolve around this year's vintage, the news are filled with the topic and one can grasp the economic and social importance of this beverage in France on that particular day. Even my boss offers me a bottle of it.
And I don't mind a little shot of red on occasion but always in moderation, a saying that I also and most definitely apply to my daily ensembles : a burgundy stripe here, a pinot red lipstick there, a chianti knit, syrah painted nails, merlot colored boots. These little shots of red are just there to lift up the dark turn of my outfits. And that's about it. I swear, in vino veritas.

jacket-veste: IM Etoile /tee - marinière: Uniqlo / jeans, bag -sac: h&m / scarf -écharpe: COS / boots: Parcours Paris

gilet en maille - knitted cardigan, jeans, scarf - écharpe : h&m / pull - sweater: Camaïeu / boots: Etoile IM

6 commentaires:

  1. Love, love these outfits!
    Your style is perfection :D

  2. You hone in on all the good stuff at h&m. I don't drink, but that sounds like an interesting holiday. I like little doses of red in accessories. If I really thought about red--Baccarat red in particular--is my favorite color. Though burgundy is a color I've come to wear in clothing in the last 2 years.

  3. Sometimes the simplest things are best. I definitely agree on the pops of red -- the scarf I've been wearing the most this fall is a rich shade of carmine.

  4. great outfit and stunning're so gorgeus!!! COMPLIMENTS!!! :)



  5. oh i am always happy to be in paris for the Beaujolais! maybe not the best wine, but the event is always a good feeling.
    oh red in any shade and as a detail is always great! nice finds...

  6. Thanks! Merci!
    Nancy: I just had a sip of the New Beaujolais. Not bad! ;))