jeudi 16 février 2012

Tenue du jour

De l'angora, du pois blanc, du tweed. Voilà le mélange du jour. Autant j'ai une bonne poignée de hauts rayés, autant cette blouse qui au final est assez sobre est mon unique possession de l'imprimé à pois. Vu ma tendance à porter du noir et du gris, je pense que ça va être un top en constante rotation, histoire de réveiller un petit peu toute cette monotonie/chromie. 

 pull - sweater, blouse: h&m / jupe - skirt: Etoile Isabel Marant/ bottes-boots: Lanvin
Angora, white dots, tweed, that's the mix of the day. As much as I have a fair amount of striped tops, this blouse, which is quite sober actually, is my only polka dot possession. In view of my habit to wear mainly black and grey, I think that this top will be in heavy rotation, in order to shake up all this monotonous shades.

6 commentaires:

  1. LOVE this look! Is the blouse still in stores? It looks nice, I really like how you paired it with the jumper!

  2. Thank you heart in a cage! I appreciate it a lot.
    Yes, the blouse is still available and a nice bargain too. I was a bit dubious at first when I saw the material tag but it's quite ok in the end.

  3. the tweed and the pois blanc is a great combo! I'll need to try that out, I'm always combining my dotted blouse with black pants and it's getting a bit unoriginal.
    I think this might be my first comment actually, so thanks for all the style inspiration through the yrs!

  4. Love polka dots tops! Classic and cute at the same time!

  5. Thanks Emmy! Completely agree. I had no idea what I was missing till I got this blouse. The print brings a bit of fresh air in my getting-boring-winter clothes.