dimanche 20 mai 2012

Is black a fashion no-no after May 1st?

... Is the title of that article found on the US Huff Post in which the author shares "It's May and I'm still wearing black.[..]"According to Betty [Draper-Francis??!], my 81-year mother, this borders on horrific. More precisely, "It's socially unacceptable," she said." 

I laughed out loud.

I resent fashion rules which in my opinion are dated with an irritating patronizing undertone but I must admit that Betty has a point. When days are longer and the sun is shining bright, all black is rarely my first option, still I do enjoy that look no matter the season.

What I find appealing about an head to toe black look is that contrary to the negative symbols linked to that (non) color, I find that it gives off energy and makes me feel stronger and sleeker. It may also be a rebellious effect to the wave of colors and pastels seen everywhere, combined with an erratic weather that I've been wearing lots of black lately.

Hereunder my latest all black looks. Okay, I cheated a bit with non black scarves.

My casual take:

 jacket/veste, t-shirt, jeans: H&M - scarf/écharpe: Accessorize - sneakers/baskets: Isabel Marant

and professional one:
 jacket/veste, scarf/écharpe: H&M - sweater/pull: COS - pants/pantalon : Uniqlo - oxford shoes /derbies: Minelli

Est-ce que porter du noir après le 1er mai est un faux-pas mode?

C'est le titre de cet article trouvé sur la version US du Huffington Post dans lequel l'auteur témoigne:
"C'est le mois de mai et je porte encore du noir.[..]" Selon ma mère Betty [Draper-Francis??!], âgée de 81 ans, cela frôle l'épouvantable. Plus précisément, dit-elle "C'est socialement inacceptable ".

Je me suis esclaffée. 

Je n'apprécie guère les règles en matière de mode que j'estime datées et empreintes d'une condescendance qui m'horripile mais je dois admettre que Betty marque un point. Quand les journées rallongent et que le soleil brille fort, le total look noir est rarement ma première option, pour autant j'affectionne le noir de pied en cap, quelle que soit la saison. 

Ce qui m'attire, c'est que, contrairement aux symboles négatifs liés à cette (non) couleur, je trouve qu'il s'en dégage une force, une énergie mais aussi une élégance. C'est peut-être aussi une petite rébellion personnelle et une certaine saturation face à la vague de couleurs et de pastels combinée à une météo capricieuse qui fait que ces derniers temps, je porte beaucoup de noir.

Ci-dessus, mes récentes tenues en total noir (quasi total, j'ai un peu triché avec les écharpes) version décontractée et version professionnelle. 

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  2. pssh who makes these rules? All black is whenever forever. I like your professional look especially.

  3. Who indeed?? Those rules are so silly! :)) Thanks Prêt!

  4. haha, that 'rule' is ridiculous! I LOVE all black looks, even(or maybe especially) in summer.
    The second look is my favourite, very elegant!

  5. Those kind of rules really do seem so overly stuffy and conservative. I love all black outfits any time of the year, especially when there's a play on textures that keep things interesting. That said, I rarely do it but instead opt for near blacks together ... like dark navy or anthracite with black. You look lovely and chic in both outfits!

  6. Thanks heart in a cage! As much as I enjoy colors and a little boho touch in the warmer season, black on a very neat silhouette à la Jackie O is such an all season wonderful look.

    S: I guess some take comfort in these fashion rules but it always seemed to me very patronizing that some higher fashion authority would set rules for the rest of us. Very ancien régime!
    All black is so interesting. I agree that mixes of materials and different shades add a little treat to the eyes.

  7. I also wear black year round, recently I've been wearing a lot of black+brown, black jeans and shirt with brown belt and boots. I'm desperately looking for an old pair of Marant boots, the Chili boots, they're black suede/brown leather with a cone heel and a buckle - no luck so far! I love your black outfits, definitely strong and sleek!

  8. I wear black all the time!
    These looks are awesome!
    I gotta say those all black IM sneakers are growing on me and it's all your fault!w

  9. Merci encore :) ! Je suis ravie de te revoir par ici encore deux looks des plus simple et chic ! Le noir il fut un temps ou j'en portait énormément j'essaie maintenant d'oser les couleurs tout en m’apercevant que cela me va plutôt bien finalement alors lance toi ;) bien sur attendons le retour du mauvais temps !
    Un bisou.

  10. I like mixing black with other dark colors Garderoben! I remember when a few years ago the black/ brown or black/navy was frowned upon... At least that's what's positive about fashion, there's this constant change of attitude and perspective.
    I see exactly which IM boots you're after. I plan to visit a few consingment stores this week-ends so I will keep an eye open for you!

  11. I know Emmy and I love your looks! I'm going to put the sneakers away for awhile and enjoy sandals!! Yay, it's finally getting warm, at least for the next 3 days. Ha ha! Plus I'm a bit fed up of seeing these shoes everywhere in Paris. Yeah, I know I'm a bif of a snob sometimes! ;))

  12. DailyGlamour: Mais de rien! Je te souhaite plein de bonheur!
    Bon pour ce qui est d'attendre le "retour du mauvais temps", j'ai envie de dire: est-il vraiment parti? Ha ha! Vu les deux derniers mois non-stop de pluie et de tempête...
    Au moment où j'écris, le soleil est de retour et la chaleur aussi. Du coup, je me suis "lachée", j'ai une chemise bleue avec mon tailleur-pantalon noir! :))

  13. I know, I remember when navy/black was frowned upon too, doesn't seem like a long time ago, and now everyone wears it. Thanks for looking out for the boots for me:)!

  14. Okay, just the fact that looking at your outfits makes me react by saying, "Look how stylish she is!" disproves the "no black clothes after May 1" rule right there!

    minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style

  15. Garderoben: I know what it's like to be obsessed with (IM) oldies that's why more and more I'm turning into a consignment store devotee. I'm just adding the boots to the list!

    Thanks a lot Petrichore! That's very sweet!!

  16. i hate those 'style rules'. 'no black and brown' or 'navy and black clash' are 2 other annoying examples :P

    i love your casual look! and yeah - there are definitely summery ways to work in an all-black look with linens, silks, cottons etc. i don't own anything white (other than tees and tanks) because it's such a high maintenance thing to deal with when you're on public transit and less-than-pristine city streets!

  17. Miss Sophie: I feel like these rules make most people even more nervous about fashion. It's not even about wearing what one likes but what one's supposed to and that's also one of the major reason why I hate those rules too.
    As much as I like the all white look, I completely agree with you. City life makes it hard to maintain an impeccable look. Now if only I could remember that thought, it would help me avoid regretful purchases like the h&m pants I got a few weeks in a pitiful attempt to copy Inès de la Fressange's look...