mercredi 9 mai 2012

My constants

What can I say ? It's been more than a month since I last blogged. I withdrew a bit from the blogging world, vowing to be back during my short holidays the first days of April... Which obviously didn't happen...

Instead, my attention has been focused elsewhere:
  • on my 1 bedroom appartment which I've been slowly but surely fixing, plastering, painting, tiling, etc.
  • on new friendships 
  • on commiserating with everyone about the awful weather we've been having for weeks in a row in Paris
  • on shopping. Yes, even if because of said dreadful weather I had to bring back some winter clothes...
  • on hesitating upon my next destination for vacations: sun and warmth first or maple syrup and student rallies?
  • on watching Mad Men and being in shock and awe after each episode so far
  • on shaking my booty to Santigold's Disparate Youth
  • on enjoying The Avengers, a scarcity in the blockbuster category because I found it so entertaining and fun and bonus point I didn't leave the theater with a big headache coupled with a deep feeling of boredom and waste of my time.      
  • and of course, on the political stakes of the French democracy with the presidential elections. I vote for all the elections big or small, national or locals. The only time I didn't partake in, by sheer laziness, I felt insense shame because of the frightening results. Since then I express myself at any opportunity.
In the midst of all these miscellaneous interests, I barely considered taking pictures of my outfits which, because of that infamous weather (I know, I'm getting repetitive), turned out to be quite tedious with a kind of schizo/depressing edge.

You know rollercoaster temperatures+ hard wind+ heavy rains then drizzle = what the F... can I wear?  The answer? Hunter rain boots, jeans and a parka on days off, slim dark trousers, high heeled boots teamed with my Bator coat for work. Over and over again. Boring.

So all the underneath pictures were taken during "lenient respites".

trench: Zara - pull/sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile - pantalon/pants: Gap - ballerines / ballet flats: Lanvin

parka + jeans: h&m - tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - écharpe/scarf + baskets/sneakers: Isabel Marant

"A voté!" 
Dimanche dernier: tenue de scrutin - Last Sunday: voting outfit
parka+écharpe/scarf+ jeans: h&m - pull/sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile

Que dire? Cela fait bien plus d'un mois que j'ai blogué. Je me suis retiré de la blogosphère en me promettant pourtant d'y revenir pendant mes courtes vacances au début d'avril... Ce qui ne s'est évidemment pas réalisé.

Au lieu de cela, mon attention s'est fixée ailleurs:
  • sur mon 2 pièces que je rénove lentement mais sûrement, à coup d'enduit, de peinture, de carrelage etc.
  • sur de nouvelles amitiés,
  • sur la météo horrible à Paris, sujet de conversation sur lequel tout le monde compatit,
  • sur du shopping. Oui-oui, même si à cause de ladite météo j'ai ressorti certains vêtements d'hiver qui avaient été d'ores et déjà rangés...
  • sur mes hésitations en matière de voyage: soleil et chaleur d'abord ou sirop d'érable et contestations estudiantines?
  • sur la dernière saison de Mad Men qui jusqu'à présent me laisse pantoise après chaque épisode
  • sur la chanson de Santigold Disparate Youth qui me donne envie de me remuer les fesses
  • sur The Avengers, une de ces raretés de la catégorie blockbuster qui m'a énormément divertie, enchantée sans me laisser un gros mal de crâne et une intense sensation d'ennui et de perte de temps à la sortie.
  • et bien sûr, sur les enjeux de la démocratie française avec les élections. Je vote pour tous les suffrages, petits ou grands, nationaux ou locaux, la seule fois où je me suis abstenue, par paresse, j'ai eu honte parce que le résultat m'a glacé le sang. Depuis je m'exprime à chaque fois. Pas d'impasse surtout pas pour les présidentielles!
A part cela, j'ai à peine envisagé de prendre des photos de mes tenues qui, à cause de cette fameuse météo (je sais je me répète), se sont avérées très soporifiques avec un petit côté schizo tendance dépressive.

Des températures en dent de scie+ des rafales de vent+ de grosses averses= P..... mais qu'est-ce que je peux porter?  La réponse? Des bottes de pluie Hunter, du jeans et une parka les jours off et un pantalon sombre slim, des boots à talon et mon manteau Bator pour le boulot. Encore et encore. Ennuyeux.

Donc toutes les photos ci-dessus ont été prises en période de "répit clément".

18 commentaires:

  1. you wear trenches and parkas well. your vacations sound fun! :)

  2. in spite of the crappy weather you're still looking great!

    i'm a bit shocked by sarkozy's loss. are people in France surprised at all?

  3. So lovely. Everytime I see the striped Etoile jumper, I wish I wasn't so sensitive to mohair, it's great. The outfit with the pink scarf is particularly cute, nothing like a bit of color to chase away that gloom! Wishing you warm weather to come, I want to see spring outfits!! ;)

  4. Ha thanks Prêt! Yet I can officially say that I'm over parkas and trench! I'm craving to wear some lighter outerwear!

    That's very kind Miss sophie! It's just the kind of weather that makes me want to parade in technicolor just to fight off the gloomy atmosphere yet I often end up like everyone else wearing dark colors!
    About Sarkozy's loss: surveys have been hinting for weeks now that his chances to win were very slim. So his defeat's not really a surprise even if in the end the ballot was tight.

  5. S: Thank you! Well, I'm at work and what do you know? The sun is shining and it's hot!! I bought the Etoile striped sweater just a few weeks ago! I should actually be thankful for that crappy weather because it allowed me to wear it several times since and according to the forecast, it should be useful again in the days to come! Ha ha!

  6. You look terrific, as always. I have been on a bit of a blogging break as well, though I've still thrown out a post here and there, just not as frequent a poster as I used to be - sometimes it feels nice to step back to give my thought time to breathe before I write them down.

    Your work on your apartment sounds very satisfying!

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  8. I love it all! The Bobbys and the linen tee - so good! Don't even get me started on the weather, I've been weaing that same Striped Etoile sweater, even though it's nice, mohair just isn't OK in May!

  9. Thanks Lin! I really enjoy blogging but it can be so time consuming... It's nice to take a breath and not be enslaved by it. Shaking things up in my flat is also time consuming but it's wonderful to see days after days, the transformation happening.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this post! Any chance you'll show us your apartment later on???

  11. Garderoben: Thanks a lot! Ha ha! I love your words "mohair just isn't okay in May", so so true! I just couln't imagine when I bought that sweater that I'd be able to wear it right away... When will spring finally settle in (for more than a day or 2, I mean) ??

  12. Thanks a lot Emmy! I'm almost finished with the hallway and next is the living room, so more chaos to come! Haha! But yeah, I could do a little report à la the late and cherished Domino magazine.

  13. Ravie de te revoir ! Comme toujours tes tenues sont exactement ce que j'aime ! Quand au temps enfin les vestes vont pouvoir être rangées et les couleurs ressorties !

  14. Merci DailyGlamour! Bon, je ne suis pas aussi optimiste pour ce qui est de ranger les vestes, vu comment j'ai eu froid ce matin malgré mon gros gilet en mohair!! :))

  15. Love the outfit with the trench and striped sweater! Sounds like you've been busy with some worthwhile projects.

  16. Thanks petrichore! It's very exciting to undertake and achieve projects.

  17. your time away was well spent i see! haha and i understood immediately: maple syrup! ;))

  18. Hi Nancy! It's been awhile. Time has been well spent but there's still so much to do...
    Heard on the news that today marks 100 days of student protest! The climate seems quite tense. Hope everything's okay for you.