dimanche 1 avril 2012

Poisson d'avril / April's Fool

En allant au marché ce matin, devant une colonne Morris avec l'affiche du dernier film de Charlize Theron, Young Adult, j'ai eu comme un petit air de déjà vu....

Combinaison de couleurs identique (gris, rose,vert), un t-shirt dans la veine hum..."rétro"... Même dégaine adulescente, un peu débraillée...
Ce qui m'a rappelé qu'on était le 1er avril, peut-être était-ce un poisson d'avril cosmique? Ha ha!!

Sinon résultat des courses: quelques tracts pour les élections, un délicieux poulet rôti, les premières fraises et du soleil en prime! 

Bon dimanche à tous!

 veste/jacket: Isabel Marant Etoile - tshirt, pantalon/trousers: h&m - baskets/sneakers: Isabel Marant

On my way to the market, passing in front of an advertising column for Charlize Theron's Young Adult movie, I experienced a sense of déjà-vu... 

Identical color combination (grey, pink and green), a tee in the same kind of... "retro" vein... A teen inspired casual ouftit and sloppy posture... 
Which reminded me that today is April 1st, maybe it's some kind of cosmic take on April's fool joke? Ha ha!

Otherwise, outcome of my errands : a few political tracts, a delicious roasted chicken, the first strawberries and lots of sunshine! 

Wish you all a good sunday!

7 commentaires:

  1. Ha ha thanks! Next time I'll do my best pout pose for a better comparison!

  2. Love the cute t-shirt!

    What is the direct translation of poisson d'Avril? Does poisson mean "fish"?

  3. ha! i love the juxtaposition of the tee and your neutral pants and jacket. i had forgotten about April Fool's Day! :)

  4. um afro = awesome!

    -Art a la Rue

  5. Thanks Petrichore! I was in a bit of regressive/nerdy mood when I got that tee! Ha! :))
    The expression "Poisson d'avril" is hard to translate but "poisson" means fish indeed! The tradition in France when I was a kid was to draw fish on papers and hang it on the back of people as a joke. It's certainly related to the end of Christian Lent.

  6. Thanks miss sophie! I wanted to avoid looking like a complete teenager so I stuck with subtle basics.

    Thanks a lot Andrea!! Yes, I'm part of the Nappy heads!