lundi 19 novembre 2012

Inspiration: the window look

It's been a while since my eyes were star strucked in front of a window store. Ever since the infamous Burberry runway show displaying this lovely shearling coat (also worn by the lucky Keira Knightley) about 3 years ago, I've had this envy to get one.  

The thing is the real deal is expensive, it's often quite heavy to wear and needs special cleaning care. The faux ones, I feel, often look cheap and I'm doubtful of their efficiency to keep warm which is the main appeal of that material. 

Also lacking imagination on how to style this piece, I mainly only envisioned and saw it worn in a very casual/sporty/vintage style with the main ingredients being jeans and boots or au contraire, the cute flimsy dress. The styling options of shearling felt a bit restrictive and boring in the end.

That's why this look from the Crea Concept store window stopped me in my tracks.

First, it features a skirt, made of tweed: not the usual flowery, flowy thing, lazily used to play contrast with the ruggedness of shearling.

Second, the color coordination of navy and brown is a lovely match that I often underestimate in favor of the usual black/grey spectrum in fall-winter. The mix of materials is interesting, very weather appropriate.

Finally, it just makes such a lovely winter look. It feels comfortable and warm but doesn't sacrifice style. I could easily wear this outfit to work with an oxford shirt under the knit, to bring a hint of tailoring and preppiness, and my Lanvin golden brown flat boots or on the week-ends just like that with Isabel Marant Dickers.

 Crea Concept window Marais store / Vitrine de la boutique Crea Concept du Marais

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour, je viens de découvrir ton blog suite à une vente que tu fais sur Ebay. Très sympa tes p'tits looks, classe et moderne à la fois ;) Ravie de découvrir une modeuse de plus ^^
    Je t'ai laissé un mail pour tes boots creeks sur lesquelles j'ai littéralement craqué ;)
    Belle journée !

    1. Merci beaucoup pour ce petit message très sympa!