dimanche 2 décembre 2012

A casual affair

A bit of military sharpness, the smoothness of a silk creamy shirt under a grey v-neck sweater, worn out jeans, a structured bag and masculine brogues brought together for a familiar casual look. 

This was my outfit for a showing of A Royal Affair (En kongelig affære) by Nikolaj Arcel. 

The (true) story is set in 18th century Danemark. A young English princess is married to the King of Denmark, a disturbed man who prefers his dog and is a debauchee. A German doctor, full of Enlightenment ideas is hired to treat the king's condition. An ambivalous relationship springs between the two men mixing machinations and struggle for power especially after the doctor and the queen fall in love, start an affair and use the doctor's influence on the king to transform the conservative kingdom by enacting a string of liberal bills.

I had a great time, completely engulfed in the movie, set in an often gloomy atmosphere with a melancholic soundtrack by Gabriel Yared, mixing political intrigues with the personal struggle for freedom in an oppressive milieu, the corrupting effect of power, this is a love story telling History, with a touch of zany moments, not to mention a great casting (special mention to Mikkel Boe Følsgaard playing King Christian VII of Denmark). The 2 hours flew away. 

jacket/veste: Isabel Marant - sweater/pull: Simple City - shirt/chemise: Uniqlo - jeans: H&M - shoes/chaussures: New Look - sac/bag: Chloé

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