mardi 4 décembre 2012

No haste

Now that fall is reaching an end and winter's presence is more pressing with every passing day, I have a clearer view of the things I need to add in my closet. I've noticed that before the reality of the season sinks in, I often have a polluted fantasy image of what I'll wear and as a consequence of what I should buy and the shopping results tend to be so-so.

It's when putting up an outfit every morning that I'm fully aware of where the essential gaps in my wardrobe are.

I don't know how people make lists and purchases months ahead of a season, aside from the obvious basics. I tried, and this path is rarely working for me and the surest way to mistakes and un-pragmatic purchases.

The downside of my slow process is that fashion and stocks in store are moving faster than I am... and even, the actual meteorological season. I barely have the time to digest fall winter that pre spring is already here...

Here are the 5 fall-winter essentials to fill my needs :

1) Thinner knits:
I need thinner sweaters, something like a grey and/or navy merino because I had underestimated the power and awesomess of Uniqlo's thermals to keep me warm. Bye-bye multiple big layers! 

(Constance Jablonski, Sofia Coppola, keira Knightley for Allure, La Garçonne) 

2) Pants: It's because I'm already fed up with alternating between the same 2-3 pants for work that I'm looking for a new one. I still have a soft spot for straight slim/skinny pants which work great with boots but the wider leg is definitely getting my attention.

(Style By (Elin Kling), Mango, Theory, Paris Vogue team) 

3) Outerwear: It's because the first cold wave is upon us with the promise of more to come that I'm suddenly seriously motivated to shop for some serious protective outerwear.

outerwear battle: shearling...

(Sofia coppola, E. Alt, Joan Smalls, Paris Vogue nov 2011)

parka / down coat

(Garance Doré by All the pretty birds, Michelle Williams, Carolines Mode, Nitty gritty)

4) Skirts: It's because I enjoy the lighteness I feel when wearing my Lanvin flat boots that I realize I need more (short) skirts.

(Totakaelo, Gia Coppola, Cos, Elle France)

5) Boots: Also it's because I wear my Lanvin so often that I'm thinking of getting another pair of flat boots to spare the aforementioned once in awhile. Maybe a sportier/tougher model.

(Olivia Palermo, Net à porter, Emma Watson)

5 bis- Bonus item (!): An everyday tote for work in black, navy or tan. I've tried my luck with the Wood Wood bag but the size was sadly too overwhelming for my taste. I would like a simple, practical (fully lined with zip closure), resistant, lightweight over the shoulder bag preferably in leather and not too expensive (150-200 euros max)... It seems what I'm looking for is a challenge because so far nothing fits the bill. 

(Charlotte Casiraghi, the blogger Hedvig from The Northern Light, Ashley Olsen, Julianne Moore)

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  1. If you find a bag like the one you described, please do share. I'm looking for one myself.

    1. Will do but right now this search feels like the quest for a unicorn...

  2. I really must get on the case of the Uniqlo heattech range. I feel the cold a lot. And I think I must have a lot of gaps in my wardrobe as I am forever looking for the next thing. I seem never to be satisfied.

    1. Oh yeah, hail to Uniqlo's heattech! It is truly useful. I want to buy every single item from that range!
      It's very hard to stop wanting something to make what you already have work isn't it? There's always the feeling that getting this or that will put you in a content state and extinguish desire.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with your list. I'm in the same predicament. I've found that bulky sweaters just overwhelm my petite frame. I've tried and tried but they just make me look stumpy and short. Argh. I've been trying to add more skirts to my wardrobe. I've got just the one and have bought another just so that I don't look like I'm wearing the same thing all the time.

    1. Yes, as much as we like some items and want to make them work, sometimes they are not putting us at our best advantage... Oh, it's really nice to have a couple of new skirts,it's a welcome change from pants. I'm waiting for sales to get the ones I spotted from APC and (maybe) Carven.

  4. Réponses
    1. Thanks! I've just crossed a few items from this inspiration list, but for some, the more I look, the harder it gets to find something even remotely like what I have in mind.