jeudi 28 février 2013


I've been noticing that the day light lingers on after 6 p.m.! Yes! Whoo ooh! Winter is coming to an end.... But it's still freezing hard, even snowed earlier !
The shopping resolution is to not buy items for next season I can't wear/I don't need right now.

So, no sandals thank you,


No really, no.


Ok, let's compromise with some looks and items I find inspiring and almost wearable right now if not in the weeks to come hopefully:

Michel Vivien loafers. The whole collection is wonderful: fun colors and mixes yet with a classic base, made in beautiful leather, with original details, sensible heights ... A true crush.

The loafers would work well as much with business-like outfits (thinking about suits) as with casual looks based on slim rolled on ankles pants.

 Michel Vivien

stripes, stripes and more stripes. Works with every mid-season (trench) or winter (parka/coats) outerwear. With neutrals and brights.


Kitsuné x Petit Bateau

... and dots. Same principle as with stripes.

(Agnès B Kids)


I really like the neutral beige/kaki knits over white shirt theme at COS (again).Very simple, elegant and laidback.

A touch of camo in the shape of a slim would also work well for the transition.
Thinking about wearing it with neutral beige, navy, winter mulberry knit maybe with stripes as well. With high heeled boots, ballet flats or sneakers.


And the smaller bag trend is getting to me. Discovered that I can survive without bringing my weighing down "kit" and that I actually enjoy the lighteness on my shoulders, even if I find it hard not being able to have water and books on hand...

JD's Jojo @ 58M

Speaking of which and on a completely different topic, I don't think the words "Cool girl" will ever resonate the same since I read "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.

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  1. i love going on windowshopping trips vicariously through your blog :D

    those leather dandy flats look great - i got a pair of dieppas on sale and can't wait to wear them when the weather warms up.

    ...and YES to camo print for spring. :)

    1. Oh I'm glad you enjoyed the pics!

      You got the Dieppas too! I'm still a bit reluctant to get them from so far away but they're more affordable than the Vivien loafers. Anyway, I can't wait to see how you'll wear them.

      You know I went back to Gap friday and there was the camo ankle skinny substantially reduced, I didn't hesitate to grab them.

    2. oh my i'm inspired to check them out at my local Gap now...i've been really thinking about a well-done camo print for the last few weeks!

      do an outfit post on yours please? :D

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    4. Gap is constantly doing promos so it's often worth waiting especially for trendy basics.
      I have a few ideas about how to put the camo pants together so I'll share what I come up with!

  2. I love those loafers, I like that they don't have all the preppy details that loafers often have. Have you been to Dries yet? I'm in love with all that sheer plaid!

    1. You're right, the shoes are so streamlined and elegant. I just stared at them from every angles, completely smitten, while the SA had that bemused look on his face!
      Yes, I went to Dries! The whole collection is so inspiring and beautiful and then I went to Zara where I saw lots of Dries "inspired" clothes! It was nuts!

  3. I'm with Miss Sophie - it's fun going on your shopping trips because it's so different to what we get over in the UK. Agnes B and Petit Bateau shops are few and far inbetween. I used to love visiting the Agnes B one in London's Covent Garden when I was in my twenties (I am sooo old).

    I'm rather taken with the orange and snakeskin sandals from Andre - they even look comfortable!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I felt a bit nervous taking pictures because some stores can be a bit touchy about it, so I tried to be quite stealthy but then I realised that most of the time no one was paying me any attention... I'll bring out the camera more often then.

      André is one of my favorite shoe supplier, the price/quality/design ratio is good and now they finally have an online store, I don't know if it's good or bad!

  4. Gone Girl was such a great read - it points out all these uncomfortably familiar truths about men, women, relationships in a disturbing package.

    The arrival of the new collections in shops always make me want to shop, because it feels so new and refreshing. But I've got my eye on things like new glasses and maybe a bag to save for so I'm refraining! Anyway it's also been too warm and humid here to wear anything other than the lightest linen shirts..

    1. Besides the classic thriller whodunit/what happened? plot, I agree that Gone Girl rang truthful echoes of incomprehension in human relationships and even questionned how we build our own identities. We have to put on faces so many times: at work, with friends, family, when seducing, that to the extreme, one can wonder about who we are. It was quite a fascinating read with memorable punch lines.

      Till now it was way too cold to even register that spring was coming but it's getting warmer so this is the shopping danger moment!

  5. I'm also saying no to sandals! It was snowing yesterday, so depressing! I really like the loafers too, can't wait to bring out my Dieppas.

    1. You bet! It's snowed all day in the North of France and it's freezing... As much as I'm obsessed by a certain pair of DvN sandals, maybe it's for the best that I can't find them anywhere...