dimanche 10 mars 2013

In (teen) spirit

The spirit of the 90's grungy dress code of my teen years still lingers on in the way I dress on casual occasions.

That said the influence has its limitations, it's not about being nostalgic and reecnating the uniform of my youth but injecting a touch here and there. 

Yes, to an oversized coat, layers, cargo pants, a loose dark knit, but essentially, proportions are different: volume on top when wearing my mannish coat and loose knit means going for slim pants and, often, heels.

But of course, the spirit of grunge can't be properly invoked without a bit of plaid. 

Not willing to invest in the Dries van Noten plaid shirt, nor in its Zara ersatz, I took inspiration from one of Garance Doré's post and went instead for a bit of plaid which is, in her own words "cool and easy". 

I agree and taking advantage of a spike in degrees this week, showed off my plaid (cotton scarf).

coat/manteau: Isabel Marant, pull/sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile, slim cargo/pantalon: Uniqlo, boots: Colisée de Sacha, scarf/écharpe: h&m, cabas/tote bag: Céline

4 commentaires:

  1. Excellent way to make grunge elegant :)

  2. Love it! I'm loving Dries take on grunge, so much that I invested in the cashmere sweater AND the plaid silk shirt. I blame it all on my teen obsession with Kurt Cobain and everything grunge. He would have hated it of course, lol!

    1. Ha ha, yes I can't see kurt Cobain approving but it's the spirit that counts. The grey DvN v-neck has been sold out for days if not weeks here... But seeing how the fit is so incredibly slouchy, it's a worthy investment!