mardi 23 juillet 2013

Second chances

Places in Paris I often visit and where I sometimes luckily stumble on the one(s) that got away:

In the Marais :

Odetta: 76 rue Tournelles

Violette et Léonie: 27 rue de Poitou and now 144 rue de Turenne... where I found this Etoile waffle knit sweater  for example.

Yukiko Vintage Paris :97 rue Vieille du Temple

In saint-Germain des Prés:

Les Ginettes: 4, rue du Sabot.... From which I got this Isabel Marant embroidered blouse a few months ago.

and this Etoile dress

These stores abovementioned are my favorites, quiet most of the time, in perfect conditions items, without any hassling sales associates, a coherent and up-to-date selection and without blown-up prices.

Then there are the stores I won't vouch for personnally but which can be worth checking up:

The famous Cherchemininippes  with several stores on rue du cherche-midi:I must say that the staff, in my souvenirs, was not very welcoming and the stock quite so-so which explains why I haven't set foot there in a long while but maybe that's changed...

Likewise, I'm mentioning Au Grenier d'Anaïs (44 Rue de Fleurus  75006 Paris) as it's supposed to have an interesting stock but the first and only time I went, I was treated like a ghost and luckily I didn't see anything worth giving these snooty and rude people my money. Never went back.

As always with second hand, it's a bit of luck and keep in mind that summer may not be the ideal season for shopping second hand in Paris. Some stores like Les Ginettes will consign fall clothes at la rentrée... in September and don't accept anymore summer clothes which means that the stock might be kind of low. 

Still, it's always fun and such a treat to find clothes spotted in magazines a few months/years back, and the possibility to get a second chance at items you dreamed of is exhilarating !

Feel free to share any input, experiences and addresses of your own. 

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  1. what a lovely list of shops - i love the thrill of finding something on an old wishlist. serendipity at its best!

    1. I agree, it's indeed serendipity at its best! Plus it's also a good way of keeping your budget in check especially when one has tastes for pricy designers and it's good for planet earth! See: win-win! ;))

  2. That dress is sooooo pretty!!!

  3. Thanks for this list! I'm bookmarking it as I'll be visiting Paris for a long weekend in October with my sister. Not sure how much time I'll have for shopping since it's her first time there, but just in case!

  4. You're welcome! What an exciting fall prospect: I prefer Paris in that season so much more thrilling and hopefully there will be beautiful indian summer days.