samedi 27 juillet 2013

Now and later : Tailoring

Could be wearable -Now- if temperatures weren't so high : Throwing on a light jacket over a clean cut top and pants with a pair of flat sandals creates an easy smart summer in the city outfit that is usually my favorite silhouette especially for work this time of the year.

The inspiration: This blogger's take on the classic 90's minimal look spinned into a nod to Céline's summer collection is spot-on perfect. The mix of an all black pant suit and Birkenstock Arizona sandals brings an unexpected relaxed touch to the outfit.

(Arty filles)

Same idea, less trendy takes: So easy to achieve once you own the basics (blazer, blouse/camisole/shirt, any kind of pants and sandals) that you can mix and match depending on the setting and circumstances.
  • Bejewelled sandals and a clutch bring instant polish to the look:

(My pic of a Massimo Dutti's window store)

  • An untucked shirt, a striped scarf and earthy sandals lend a casual spirit to this ensemble:


Later:  A look I intend to keep indulging in next fall, putting together oversized outerwear with straight trousers or a sharp military jacket with mannish bottoms and at my feet, I'd very much like to put these DvN oxford shoes.

The inspiration: Slouchy tailoring at its best thanks to Dries van Noten's master class in achieving casual elegance means going back to my beloved grey palette with a touch of stripes and plaid here and there, the comfort of simple knits (deep v-neck and oversized cable) teamed with conservative slim pants and finally, more than ever cool and wearable flat shoes.
(Dries van Noten fall 2013)

6 commentaires:

  1. I really like the Misch look, but I've never been good at styling large cotton scarves. I can do it well in the mirror in my closet of course.

    1. I saved the pic from Misch last year, still remains a great source of inspiration for the season. It's so simple yet so well put together...
      I also have troubles with large scarves, I don't mind being neckless in winter and hidden behind layers but when it gets warmer I stick to lighter, thinner scarves.

  2. All lovely looks. The last picture I adore but could not hope to create this well (height and curves dictate otherwise) but the third is one which is re-creatable and I think I will certainly give it a try. But first I must get myself a pair of black sandals (your Marant ones would be ideal).

    1. Aren't we all the same? Thinking that we have to get this or that first before doing a look? I was thinking just the same thing about the DvN look: I have almost everything in my closet to create this look...except the shoes of course... I'm getting obsessed with DvN oxfords: Seeing them everywhere... Like in last Vogue Paris issue. That's bad, I'm telling you.

  3. This is funny-the past two days a version of this look has caught my eye. Both ladies wearing it styled it in a way that was better suited to my figure/vibe. One wore it with an boyfriend-type cardigan the other a man-styled casual jacket. Same colors and sandals as the Misch photo. I like that an "officey" blazer could also work (without appearing stuffy). Now I have to figure outthe shoes and what works best for me :"plain" sandals or some great bejeweled ones. hmmm....

    1. I think that this kind of softly tailored looks can potentially suit everyone without feeling either too youthful or severely ancient. Plus the variation are kind of endless without having to break your budget: I really like the idea of styling an oversized cardigan instead of a jacket for the transition to fall.