dimanche 11 août 2013

White summer

As much as I love my black and grey, one of my favorite summer staple is a white top. Not very original, I know. But its common adoption when the temperature rises is easily justified: it's fresh, light, can be either casual or chic, works with everything.

I've managed to gather a little collection over time, leaving me with a few options depending on the rise or fall of Celsius degrees, the level of style/effort I'm willing to put in an outfit: 

1) For those days when the mere thought of sleeves provokes a sweat break, nothing beats the cool and breezy camisole.

Carolines Mode

My version from h&m trend is a bit more on the vintage side with its tiny pleated ruffles, certainly inspired by some old Chloé collection.

2) Worn casually with jeans à la Keri Russell, untucked with shorts or tucked in a midi skirt, the possibilities of styling the white shirt are nearly infinite.  

You'll rarely find me wearing shirts in winter but I do love to wear this item when it's hotter. It adds a bit of structure to any outfit and somehow makes it look like an effort was made when dressing (must be all those buttons!). For this reason, I've collected a fair amount of sleeveless, batwing, silk, cotton, linen shirts.

(All the pretty birds, kerirussellsource)

Uniqlo (silk and linen) shirts get the highest rotation: They're well cut, stand the test of time and are versatile enough to work in both casual and formal occasions. 

3) The lacy romantic blouse: To inject a dose of sweetness in what would be an other wise plain outfit. Perfect for a date or just when feeling like upping my game style wise.

La Garçonne

Isabel Marant lacey tops

4) White t-shirts of course are the obvious companion to good old jeans/denim shorts, the ultimate summer relaxed outfit.

 Cameron Diaz (Just Jared)

For my white tees, since being introduced to linen, I haven't gone back to cotton. I prefer the rumpled, breathy and fresh fabric.
After a string of h&m, Zara and Co. purchases that barely lasted a summer, I've invested -during sales and at consignment discount price- in Isabel Marant Etoile linen tees and the difference is telling. Besides not being utterly transparent, they remain in shape and haven't gotten yellowish after more than 2 summers of wear & wash.

(Isabel Marant Etoile, Zara Basic linen tees)

With these white tops, I'm wearing lots of navy, black, grey and kaki. Very monochromatic or two-toned, top + (mainly solid) skirt/pants looks. 

Whereas I used to be (moderatly but still really) drawn to boho, colorful, printed looks, this summer, even more than last year, makes me realize how much I long for quiet, simple outfits. I still stray occasionally in the technicolor mixed territory whenever I feel like it but it doesn't happen on a daily basis like it used to, a few years ago.

Do you have a different approach to summer looks compared to other seasons? Do you stay to true to your style no matter the season?

8 commentaires:

  1. I like your compilation of white shirts. I like the rumpled look of white linen too.

    In summer I like maxi dresses and tropical prints. I haven't gotten much use out of my white linen pants (I've been lazy about having them hemmed and it's rained a lot this summer).

    1. Thanks. Maxi dresses: so regal and comfy. That's one item, I would like to add to my summer closet. I especially like the ones with drapes and pleats but I wonder if that wouldn't be too dressy for daily life in the city...

  2. I love white tops! Sadly they often need replacing, as they can get dingy after a couple of years. I always regret not buying multiples of shirts and tops that I love, but often you don't realize how perfect something is until it's too late and no longer on the shelves!

    1. I know! It's so frustrating to have to let go of beloved clothes... I can even scour eBay/consingment stores for an identical twin when the loss gets too emotional! Hehe!

  3. I love rumpled white linen but all my linen tops have got a bit dingy and needs to be replaced now, I can't find any I like enough. My style is the same all year round, really, but I do love reaching for sandals and a little chambray dress. I don't wear dresses most of the year so summer dresses feel really special.

    1. Yeah, lots of stores propose linen tops but finding the right one is another matter...
      I feel like even if our style doesn't really change, just because it's summer makes it special. Maybe it's the drawback of that long winter and depressing spring...

  4. The only way I feel right in white is when I pair it in a graphic/dramatic way. Otherwise I feel invisible (not in a good way). Perhaps because I work in a corporate environment? Not sure.
    Had a (dramatic) white jacket made last summer; purchased a pair of white pants, black (skinny) jeans and black maxi skirt-wore those in varying combos ALL last summer. Wore the white pants/black jeans with drapey button downs (like Kerri Russell).
    It hasn't been as hot this year (rain), wearing a lot of graphic b/w or b/beige prints. Mom (who hates my mostly black color palette) made me a few (solid) jewel-colored maxi dresses. Love the dresses, but I pair them with black leather accessories. Haha!
    What has your summer bag been? Are you carrying the leather duffel/barrel bag?

    1. Why do moms hate black clothes so much? It reminds me of my mom and I endless bickering over my shopping taste for black but in the end I won! Hehe! Even converted her to (a little) black!
      Your summer combinations are very versatile and stylish however funnily enough, I would feel quite visible in a white jacket! :))
      You're very lucky to have a mom sewing clothes for you. It's so special to have unique clothes made for you.
      As for my summer bag, I've rekindled an "old" flame: a Gap kaki satchel! Still, the duffle gets a lot of love.