lundi 7 octobre 2013

New in my closet: the big fall purchases

So far, fall's been rather warm and dry and by the end of the week, I'm heading to the tropics for a few weeks of vacation. These 2 circumstances haven't however stampered my enthusiasm in acquiring a few items to complete my fall winter panoply.

After bringing out fall winter clothes out of storage and careful checking, I made a list of what needed replacement or addition in my closet:
  • a new trench to replace my falling apart old Zara. It's my favorite and most used mid-season (fall and spring) coverup, works as well for the job than on week-ends;
  • black and/or dark grey slim pants because there's no need to kid myself: that's basically what I'll live in for the next 6 fall winter months;
  • a dark grey/black sweater, because it goes with everything and is convenient no matter the situation; 
  • black ankle boots to alternate with my single other high heeled boots. I love my Colisée de Sacha but they need to be given a rest from time to time if I want to keep them awhile longer. Plus ankle boots work with everything: any type of pants/skirts/dresses ;
  • a light grey scarf to replace my now shabby H and M's. It's softer than black, blends with any outfit, chic or grungy. A year round must-have for me.   
However the list wouldn't be complete without the "non-essential" items I really wanted, easily justified as classics with a twist. Things that would shake up my look a bit while remaining mature:
  • an oversized peacoat, 
  • poetic and tough oxford shoes
  • an oversized turtleneck sweater
  • a fresh stripey top.

Out of the 5 reasonable goals for the essentials, I successfully tackled 4 and as for the non-essentials, what do you know? It's mission accomplished of course!

1 - New Zara trench replaced old Zara. It's a longer length, a very classic cut. With a removable warm lining so that I can wear it either longer in the cold season or sooner at the first signs of spring.

2 - Again, Zara provided me with classic dark grey pants. Not much to say except that it's a slim almost skinny yet comfortable fit that is easily wearable with flats or heels.

3 - As I was visiting an Acne store for the sole purpose of determining which size I should go for with the Pistols, I fell for the Rue sweater in carbone. It's a slightly oversized shape in a cosy soft mohair blend which made me almost wish it was colder so I could wear it on the spot!

4 - Speaking of Acne, as you've certainly deduced the Pistols were my final choice for black ankle boots. Nevertheless their price tag turned them to unaffordable-right-now status so I was quite excited to find them for a bargain on Vestiaire Collective. I usually avoid buying shoes online but as I had tried them on first, my hesitations were eased.

5 - Quite strangely, I still haven't gotten the grey scarf... But during last saturday stroll around town, found a plaid cashmere one by Muji, that I just didn't want to pass on ! It's a bit trendy now with all the plaid and checks raging but at heart, it's a classic that I'll wear a lot just like my cotton plaid scarf by H and M. Even so, a grey scarf is such a basic to me so I'll get one soon.
6 - DvN striped t-shirt: now that I found it in the right size, it's become a staple. It's fun, brings an unexpected touch but with no fuss. 

7 - Hope's Grand Sweater: When I wanted it last year, by october, it was already sold out. Everywhere. I thoroughly questioned Sara about it and even enlisted her help to get one straight from the swedish source you know! That's how badly I wanted it! I'm wearing it almost every week-end, even nearly feel like blaming the too warm weather from preventing me to wear it more frequently...

8 - After his march fall winter 2013-2014 runway show, I wanted everything by Dries van Noten, first and foremost his oxford shoes. I just loved these shoes instantly and after trying them on, it just confirmed my intial feelings. I couldn't see a better birthday present to myself than something that made my heart flutter. They look great with anything from skinny jeans to dresses.

9 - Last but not least, Isabel Marant Etoile's Clover coat which I had spotted at the end of june and that ever since was sure to be next winter coat. That's about it. I tried it on and a "wow" moment happened. When you know, you know. (Yay, I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy and you are too if you understand the reference!)

So that's a lot. At least it is for me. And in a relative short amount of time. But the purpose is not about having 10 pair of boots or adding a handful of coats, even though in all honesty I'd love to, it's about handling needs and desires. Making compromises: selling out previous mistakes,  unworn and/or unloved stuff to get what I want. Sticking to what I know works for me, what I feel good and comfortable in, what wouldn't make me feel alien in my daily life. It's also a bit about frustration because there's so much more I want. But does it ever stop? The wanting more when you love clothes?

Anyway, what did you get for recently? Did you have a list and followed it through? Did you stray a bit?

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    1. Hmm, well I'm not sure there will be anything left when I set foot in the store... I'm interested in a few items but I'm not ready to camp in the streets of Paris for clothes. Yes, I do love clothes as aforementioned but I have a bit of sanity left.So we'll see when the time comes.

  2. Sweet purchases. All things I could see myself buying too.

    1. Thanks Joy! You have such a great blog by the way!

  3. i understand all the items on your shopping list :) as for the perfect grey scarf, i found mine last fall and it's almost getting cold enough for me to wear it religiously. one of my favorite f/w essentials.

    1. Thank you! Oh your scarf sounds great. Is it a Faliero Sarti? I've been dreaming of one but I think I'll get my grey scarf at Monoprix (similar to Target)! I saw one that fits my bill for the moment!

  4. Love the Dries tee! I saw it at Barneys and didn't really think about it, but then I saw this outfit on Giorgia Tordini and now I'm seriously considering it! Does it run true-to-size?

    1. GT's look is really nice indeed! I think she's wearing the tank version.
      The DvN is such a fresh take on classic striped tee. I find that it fits true to size. I bought the medium but it was a bit too large to my taste (I'm selling it if interested), tried the XS which was fine but I prefer the S in the end. It remains loose enough.