dimanche 10 novembre 2013

Winter's bull's eye

After a few weeks of vacations far from my usual temptations and, as a consequence, a full break on shopping, I'm back to my old routine: browsing on my favorite online shops made me put a bull's eye on Acne Studios "sophia" puffer.

I'm really really feeling this understated down jacket -which reminds me a bit of Isabel Marant Etoile's Nam jacket from last season- for its classic with a twist cut: the slightly asymetrical fastening, curved and longer back. 

It's the kind of cosy and practical outerwear that (nowadays) would fit so well in my urban winter uniform.

A few years ago, my eyes wouldn't even have stopped on this kind of jacket- I would have certainly deemed it too basic, bland, not "stylish" enough. Whereas now, its apparent simplicity combined with design-savvy touches and in the end its daily utility are what appeal to me. 

One thing though would without a doubt remain constant between then and now is that no matter my appreciation for this jacket, its price is a real downer... 

Did you have a change of heart on an item recently? Is there anything you'd like to wear now that you would never have considered before?

(Acne Studios Sophia jacket on Totokaelo, La Garçonne, Mytheresa)

4 commentaires:

  1. welcome back aissa! :) my current pair of APC raw jeans falls into that category - i briefly had a pair three years ago but sold it due to it being the wrong size. this fall i fell in love with the raw denim project again, and i'm now starting to break in a new pair and will be updating the blog with the progress...

    PS - COS or muji or uniqlo will likely have a lower priced version of that acne puffer :)

    1. Thanks dear!
      Between Fleurette's and your recent post, the APC jeans are growing on me by the minute... I'll be following your report closely.
      Yep, I'm checking out COS in case their genius stylists decide to copy the Acne puffer. No luck on the Uniqlo front: all their puffers are sadly quite "standard"...

  2. Funny how you think "Don't really get it, not for me" for so long and then one day it's like a switch turns on and it's like "Yes. Must have it." Lately I have been considering a wool moto jacket. I never really got the point of it before (wool coat? Leather motorcycle jacket? One or the other, not both), but lately I have been feeling the need for something to replace my ubiquitous leather jacket, for a softer look. I am really feeling this one http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/outerwear/woolpufferjackets/PRDOVR~02466/02466.jsp, but alas, it is final sale. I have a strict rule with myself about not purchasing things on final sale, ever. It's been a hard-earned lesson.

    1. Further proof that when it comes to fashion, one should never say never!
      The wool motorcycle jacket: best of both worlds in my opinion! It's such a cool substitute for the leather jacket when it gets too cold for one.
      Oh the J. crew jacket looks so nice but I can understand your reticence with final sales. It'd suck to be stuck with an item that doesn't work for you. Good luck for your search!