dimanche 1 décembre 2013

The look: winter white dress

What sparked my fashion interest lately is a look seen on Totokaelo: a little white dress teamed with an all black outfit.

It's certainly because I'm usually in head to toe black or grey when it gets colder that this classic combination seems so appealing.  It doesn't stray too far from my comfort zone but the contrast of the white dress adds an edge to the whole look.

This COS dress would have been perfect to test what I have in mind but alas my size is sold out at the moment so I'm still on the lookout for a fitted, not too large nor tight, sharp white dress.

Anything made you want to try out a new look and go shopping lately?

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    1. Yeah, it's a combination that works great on you! The black and white duo is even more striking I feel when the atmosphere is gloomy.

  2. Incidentally, I have been thinking of a white shirt dress that I've had for some time but haven't worn recently...the problem is that white dresses are so hard to keep clean and the shirting material rumples so easily. A knit dress certainly seems more low-maintenance.

    Love your new Celine Trio by the way. So tempted to buy one for myself for Christmas but then I want to save money for some scuba diving trips next year as well! Decisions.

    1. You raise valid points! I actually found the white COS dress and tried it on and its dry-clean only care instruction made me backtrack a little.

      Thanks about the Trio! I was a bit shaky when I paid for it but no regrets! The thing is Céline is raising prices regularly and yet, bags fly off the shelves...

  3. wow I just love this! so unexpected for a winter look but it's just perfect! you know, I have a white cotton Birger er Mikkelsen dress and a white shirt dress from Zara which have both been folded up in a bag of sad, unworn things for far too long. I'm off to dig them out - thank you! :D

    oh those knee high boots in the first look... *longing sigh* x

    1. Ah... The Ann Demeulemeester riding boots!! Completely sighing with you!

      Please share your winter looks with the white dresses!