dimanche 8 décembre 2013


First: I was intrigued by this silhouette: A skirt over pants is nothing new but Dries's tailored take is rather subtle in the end. I was however dubious about the proportions regarding my standard size/height especially as I'm not one to wear heels on a daily basis but a DvN sales assistant assured me that this item was not discriminating against those not of model height. Still as I wasn't able to try it on and judge for myself, I pushed aside the idea.

 (Dries van Noten fw 2013-14)

then: I stumbled upon his picture from T Magazine and fell in love all over again with the look. The all black outfit with touches of white and sneakers exudes both a quiet avant-garde and casual urban vibe.

(T Magazine)

Now: After a stop by COS, where I unexpectedly found this skirt over pants.  I'm considering jumping the shark and adopting the look. Quite coincidentally I was wearing my Dries van Noten shoes. A telltale sign?  

(me in Cos)


4 commentaires:

  1. It's amazing how natural and cool you make it look. On paper, the concept sounds silly!

    1. Thanks Lin! This look may not be common in mainstream occidental fashion (except in the quirky 90's interpretation) hence the peculiar feeling it can provoke but it actually reminds me of the way men dress in Indonesia and Africa, like the Dhoti or the caftan over pants.

  2. At first glance, this is a really challenging look. You def. nailed the proportions. You know, if the skirt/pants aren't wool--you could probably wear it in the summer time with a simple sandal and a tank top. I could even see this with your creme IM-lace blouse. I could also see this paired with a cocoon-type sweater. Did you end up purchasing it?

    1. Wow Missone, were you reading my mind? ;)) Yes I bought it and one of the essential factor that sealed the deal for me was that I could also wear it now as well as during mid-season and even summer if it's not too hot (the item has a bit of wool). Thanks for your style propositions which I will certainly put in use!