dimanche 15 décembre 2013

The sign

  • When I find myself anticipating with delight the moment when I can wear an item;
  • When even the prospect of a long and arduous day is lightened because some apparel helps making me feel good...
  • When said clothes or items are on heavy rotation, worn several times a week...

It's a sure sign that I've made no mistake and that these items were meant for me!

Recently, I saw the sign (Gee.. I have the damn Ace of Base song in mind now!) with my:

- Céline black Trio: Those following me on Instagram know that I finally acquired it about 2 weeks ago and since then it's become my week-end/errands/night-out bag. 

Putting it away for my daily work bag is weirdly heartwrenching despite the fact that I love my work bag. 

But come friday and I'm giddy just for the sheer pleasure of holding this beautiful and practical object allowing me to be the carefree lady I long to be. 

beanie /bonnet: Eric Bompard - coat/manteau: Isabel Marant Etoile - bag/sac: Céline - scarf/écharpe + jeans : Uniqlo - over the knee boots /bottes: Stuart Weitzman

- Uniqlo's camel trench coat: After getting a taste of camel outerwear with Filippa K's Ines coat, I wanted a warmer option.

There are camel coats aplenty as it's a trendy/classic for winter. However, as with most tailored clothes, finding one that fits, is not mostly made of synthetic fabrics but doesn't crash my budget either is another matter.

This Uniqlo's trench coat fits the bill and has already become one of my favorite coat: the cut works as well for casual times as for business days. The warm honey color is mood lifting and I feel both cosy and sharp wearing it.

beanie/bonnet : Eric Bompard - scarf/écharpe: COS - coat/manteau: Uniqlo - bag/sac: Céline - over the knee boots /bottes: Stuart Weitzman

- Eric Bompard beanie: its color tag -macaron- is already a delight.

The color doesn't show well on that pic below, it's more of a macaron à la rose by Ladurée for a reference!

I love that soft but not pastel pop of pink in my sea of darker clothes: Another item that also brightens up my day in a flash!

Beanie/bonnet: Eric Bompard - coat/manteau: Isabel Marant - scarf/écharpe: Uniqlo - striped sweater /pull rayé + boots: APC - jeans : H&M
What makes you realize that your purchases were spot-on for you?

12 commentaires:

  1. those beanies look really cute on you. the bright one is a nice pop.
    I realize purchases are right when they turn out to be something I use/wear often.

    1. That's very nice, thanks! Covering the head is a must when it gets cold, so best find cute beanies!
      Yeah frequency of use tends to help figuring out what's turned out to be appropriate purchases. If only we had a way to figure out before buying what will work out for sure!

  2. your trio looks great with every outfit! not surprised that it's your go-to small bag :D

    1. I agree! Haha! But then you've inspired me to get a trio bag. Yours looked so good!

  3. I think you must have one of the best coat collections around. And the trio is a wonderful choice - so suited to you and your style.

    1. Oh, that's very sweet of you to say Sue! I think it's a rather modest coat collection or maybe I like to think it this way in order to add the one's that is always "missing" for that occasion/outfit! ;)

  4. So true. My life's happiness doesn't depend on clothing but they give me no small pleasure, and that everyday pleasure is so important to ease the stress and tension of working life.

    Like you, I feel best about items I get to use often, when they just fit into your life without question.

    1. Amen! It may sound shallow but a little ego boost through those cocoon-like items is sometimes what can help you get through the day!

  5. Oh my goodness, I immediately started thinking about the Ace of Base song when I saw the title of the post. That is the second time you did that (the other time is when you mentioned Nenah Cherry/Buffalo Stance, haha!). I do agree, a large part of feeling satisfied with a purchase is when I continually use something. I wouldn't use it though, without a great mix of beauty and practicality.

    1. Hehe! I see we share the same musical references! :)) Did you hear Neneh's latest song "Blank project"?
      You're right the "magical" ingredients to a long use lie in both the aesthetic pleasure and practicality.