dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Look of the day - For later

I saved these pictures for later. For when the light trench coat replaces winter outerwear and showing a bit of lower calf skin will not sound like a cold-weather "Survivor" stint.
I'm not entirely sold on the whole silhouette, especially at the cropped slightly boyfriend jeans teamed with socks and brogues which considering my "average" height might no be flattering  but I find this lady's whole look so endearing, it might inspire me something.  

Elle UK

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    1. I kind of like the socks. On her. Not sure that whole thing would work out so harmoniously on me.

  2. So unoriginal of me but I would take the whole outfit, even the socks. But the jeans are a little too short - without the socks I think she would look really strange! I also like how beaten up her oxfords look.

    1. Yeah I think that's it, the length of the jeans is what I couldn't pinpoint.
      I could imagine you wearing that outfit especially in that range of colours ;))