mercredi 22 janvier 2014

The latest

The (last) Thursday -during lunch break in H&M changing rooms - look: still trying to find my black jeans there and seized the occasion for a couple of shots.

It was very warm then and I couldn't resist putting aside my usual coats for my favourite jacket and wearing a plunging V-neck cashmere. 

Ever since seeing one of the sales assistant at the Dries van Noten store wearing her deep V-neck sweater and mannish trousers complete with the designer's signature brogues, I was very eager to replicate the look. It's of course an incredibly simple outfit but after a couple of winters of unrivaled attention for the turtleneck, bringing back the good old V-neck felt so fresh.


  Veste/jacket: Isabel Marant - pull/sweater: Zara - pants/pantalon:H&M - scarf/écharpe + shoes/chaussures: Dries van Noten

The Saturday -off to concert- look: All black and grey, faux-leather pants for attitude and sneakers to get down comfortably. 

Coat/manteau: comptoir des cotonniers - pull/sweater: Acne - pants/pantalon: jennyfer - baskets/sneakers: New Balance x Comptoir des Cotonniers - bonnet / beanie + mittens/mitaines: C&A

4 commentaires:

  1. I pulled out my v-neck cashmeres after seeing you in yours. They do give a fresh slant to an outfit after hiding in so many high necked jumpers over the last few months. But I definitely still need a scarf, it's pretty brr here at the moment. Can I borrow your divine scarf please ;o)

    1. Oh yeah, no need to catch a cold for the sake of fashion really! I'm such an old lady, barely take my scarf off even indoors.As you're asking so nicely, I could consider a swap: your lovely striped Comme des garçons top for my scarf! ;))