lundi 28 juillet 2014


During summertime, one of my favorite color duo is black and white, most often a white top and black bottom, like here:

Pendant l'été, l'un de mes duo de couleurs préféré est le noir et blanc, assez souvent un top blanc et un bas noir comme ici:

I'm wearing / je porte: 
Isabel Marant linen tshirt / tshirt en lin  - H&M skirt/ jupe - "Gizeh" Birkenstock - YSL "Downtown" bag/ sac

It's a classic contrast I don't tire of. 

Another B&W combination is also getting a lot of spotlight lately: blue & white. Blue is my go-to color during summer and as a nod to the typical coastal association, I've been wearing different shades of blue with accents of white these past days. 

I don't know if color truly has a therapeutic effect but at least that's a combination that I find bright and soothing, especially when the clothes have a loose airy cut and that I'm teaming it with casual accessory like a straw bag.  The ensemble really reflects the summery laidback mood I want to enjoy. 

What's your summer-only favorite color assocation?

C'est un contraste classique dont je ne me lasse pas. 

Une autre combinaison vedette en ce moment est le bleu et blanc. Le bleu est ma couleur de prédilection pour l'été et en clin d’œil à l'association typiquement bord de mer, j'ai porté divers teintes bleues avec des accents de blanc, ces derniers jours.

Je ne sais pas si  la couleur a réellement un effet thérapeutique mais au moins c'est une combinaison que je trouve lumineuse et apaisante surtout quand les vêtement ont une coupe lâche et aérée et que j'accessoirise le tout d'un cabas en raffia. Le tout reflète bien l'ambiance relax et estivale dont j'ai envie de profiter. Quelle est votre association de couleur préférée pour l'été?

I'm wearing/Je porte: 
Isabel Marant Etoile shirt/chemise - Uniqlo jeans - Creeks x André wedges sandals/sandales compensées - YSL "Downtown" bag/sac

I'm wearing / Je porte:
Blouse: H&M LOGG - pants/ pantalon: Zara TRF- mules: Birkenstock "Madrid" - bag/sac : Celine "Trio"

4 commentaires:

  1. I really like the shirt in the 2nd set, and the YSL bag looks great. I'm glad you kept it. The earlier Pilati & Ford era bags are so much better than the generic Saint Laurent crap. ;P
    I love tropical prints in the summer. But oddly enough, with the daily rainstorms I've been able to get away with "winter" clothes.

    1. Your point on YSL and the succession of designers resonated as after catching the DvN exhibit last Friday, I couldn't help but wonder about the longetivity of some brands/designers. What makes that some last for decades whereas others vanish from the spotlight within a few years?
      I actually like some of the recent "SL" bags but I agree there's nothing really distinctive about their design which is very subdued and falls in line with the Chanel, Céline, LV designs.

  2. i think blue and white are very summer. for me, blue is all the time! such a perfect neutral. and black--one can never go wrong there, as cliche as it sounds. i do think that i find warm colors to be more summer specific--reds and oranges. for me, they play more of a role in nail colors, but i have been known to toss in a bit of color here and there ;). love love the top in the third photo--so beautiful and easy. your pencil skirt is fantastic, and i love the way your outfits with birks don't look uber hippie!

    1. Thanks for your input Jade! It's funny how much blue is a favorite during summer but then after not so much, aside from a navy sweater or... blue jeans! ;)
      Agree with you on the warm colors, it's definitely easier to pull them off with the warm and bright summer day light than during the colder season. Yes to nail colors, such a perfect way to add in some fun in a look! I used to be into transparent nail polish but since trying a deep red pedicure, I've been hooked!