dimanche 3 août 2014

I need a dollar

Actually a dollar wouldn't be enough for the few random little treats I want to buy right this minute. You know these little purchases that are not financially painful but instantly lift up your mood, help you get through the day. Lately, it's been music (Little Dragon's "Pretty Girls" and Alt-J's "Hunger of the Pine") and books (Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, Gabaldon's latest Outlander -which I haven't started yet).

I'd rather need:

2,58 €: To download the latest SBTRKT song and James Blake's "Retrograde". Both tracks make me want to start some awkward dance moves in the métro. So far I'm holding myself back and just discreetly tap to the rythmn. The upbeat sounds of the first one lifts me up and the second one's melancholic vibe is hypnotic and the best thing so far from watching HBO's "The Leftovers".

SBTRKT feat Sampha "Temporary View"

James Blake: "Retrograde"

9€ for Dr Bonner Hemp lavender liquid soap (& Other Stories) - I'm a sucker for anything lavender based, so I badly want to try this. The scent is so relaxing and soothing, just what I'd need at the end of the day.

(& Other Stories)

29€ to get these COS earrings. The website pic doesn't do them justice at all: the shape is actually very delicate, fine. They remind me a bit of the vanrycke I've been crushing on for a long time. I really like their simple design, no eye blinding bling or extra details added: I'm crushing on such nice, original and affordable everyday jewelry!


What are your little pleasures lately?

4 commentaires:

  1. taking advantage of the tax free weekend and scooped up some cheap thrills and basics from F21.

  2. A whole tax free week-end!? That's amazing! Is that a regular event? We don't have that at all in France. It'd be SO interesting to do some shopping minus the 20% VAT!

    1. it's geared towards back to school shopping. For clothing & shoes it's under $100, school supplies under $15, and here's the really good one for computers/some electronics (doesn't include phone or tvs) no tax for the the first $750...so apple stores are even more mobbed than usual. our tax here is no where near yours, in my county its 6%, miami its 7% sales tax.

    2. OMG! One more incitation to plan a US (shopping) trip!