dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Work it! Au boulot!

It's summer, Paris is filled with tourists, city slickers are slowly going away (Yeah! the métro is less crowded, the ambiance almost gets cool by Paris standards), it's beautiful and hot -when the weather's willing (which it is not right now...) and I'm dreaming of elsewhere watching my Instagram feed but I've got to work...

Yet just because the mood is to vacations is no excuse to dress sloppily for work even if, as always, being all done up is not my taste either so I'm always looking for the happy medium: a look that's fresh and summery -to make the most of the season while maintaining a certain formality. 

So I mix up:
  • tailored elements in natural light fibers, say, a trench or a jacket but in linen for chilly mornings,
  •  the everlasting chino pants is also an all-purpose sidekick, comfy but dressier than shorts/boyfriend jeans/ my other loose but too funky for work pants,
  • stripes or prints to brigthen up the ensemble
  • flat open toes sandals or with a slim low wedge. 
That's basically my summer work uniform.

And when I'm feeling uninspired or tired of it, I switch to my other favorite, a bit of a retro 50's - fitted monochrome graphic but functional ensemble that always works for me:
  • strict boxy top 
  • capri pants/ straight short skirt
  • possibly, a fitted 3 holes dress
  • pointy flats
What's your summer at work uniform?

Exemple of the "retro" version // exemple de la version "rétro":

I'm wearing/je porte: 
Top: Cos - pants /pantalon: Zara - ballet flats / ballerines : Jonak - tote bag / cabas: Céline

The hot in july work uniform version // La version temps chaud en juillet de ma tenue de travail:

I'm wearing/ je porte:
linen trench / trench en lin: Comptoir des Cotonniers - tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - pants/pantalon: H&M - wedge sandals / sandales compensées: Creeks x André - tote bag/cabas : Céline

The cold and rainy in july version // La version il fait froid et il pleut en juillet :

I'm wearing / je porte:
cotton trench / trench en coton : Zara - linen knit / pull en lin : APC - pants / pantalon : Zara - richelieus / oxfords : Dries van Noten

C'est l'été, Paris est remplie de touristes, les citadins s'en vont peu à peu (youpi! Moins de monde dans le métro, l'ambiance est relativement plus cool à Paris), il fait beau et chaud -enfin quand la météo veut bien (ce qui n'est pas le cas ces derniers jours...) et je rêve d'ailleurs en consultant Instagram... Mais je dois bosser.

Pas question pour autant parce que l'humeur est aux vacances de se laisser aller et d'arriver débraillée au bureau, même si comme toujours je ne suis pas non plus une fan du trop apprêté donc je cherche toujours le juste milieu, une tenue qui soit à la fois fraiche, estivale histoire de profiter quand même de la saison tout en maintenant une certaine formalité. 

Du coup je mélange:
  • éléments à la coupe ajustée en tissus naturels: un trench ou une veste oui mais en lin pour les matins frisquets, 
  • l'éternel chino passe-partout, confortable mais plus habillé que des shorts/jeans/tous mes autres pantalons stylés mais pas portables au bureau
  • de la rayure ou un imprimé pour égayer le tout
  • des nus-pieds ou des sandales avec un léger compensé.
C'est pratiquement ma tenue de travail pour l'été.

Et quand je manque d'inspiration ou que je suis un peu à saturation de mon uniforme, je passe à mon autre panoplie préférée, d'inspiration un peu rétro années 50, graphique, monochrome mais fonctionnelle qui marche toujours pour moi:
  • top stricte aux lignes carrées
  • pantalon capri ou jupe courte 
  • éventuellement robe simple 3 trous ajustée
  • ballerines pointues
Et, vous quelles sont vos idées de tenues de travail pour l'été ?

6 commentaires:

  1. I really like the linen trench added on top too. My summer work uniform doesn't deviate too much from what I usually wear: some variation of sweater (usu. cardigan), tee (typically solid black or navy/white stripes), pants, and flats.

    1. Thanks! I get your point about not straying from your usual all-year style, that's really helpful to avoid being sidetracked. Summer used to make me more permeable to boho style, colorful, vibrant prints etc.which is not really "me". Now it's more about swapping materials, linen cotton instead of wool rather but overall my outfits keep the same basis whatever the season.

  2. I love your striped t-shirt - it has such a great fit. I've been dreaming of a striped t-shirt as well , perhaps I'll give in. I love that linen trench of yours too, such a nice relaxed version of the traditional one. Your outfits perfectly convey the summery food you're feeling.

    I completely understand what you mean by wanting to look summery but still with a touch of formality. In Singapore it is summer year round and when you work in a very casual environment you start to "let go" a bit. I think it's a the little things that tie a look together - if I wear a t-shirt I tuck it in a little, and I always wear a belt with my jeans.

    1. Thanks a lot! I've been in that tshirt non-stop since I got it, basically wearing it, washing it at the end of the day and wearing it again the next!
      Yes to details being essential,I apply the same rule: Polished shoes, tucked in tops, ironed shirts, belted pants, etc. certainly it is an effort but that's also what makes the look more "formal".
      In the "extreme", it reminds me of a certain menswear - Rat Pack- style when every single part of the look is carefully thought out.

  3. i love all of your looks, particuarly the linen trench ones. it's such a challenge to keep things looking elegant in the heat - but you manage to stay chic regardless!

    1. So thankful of your kind words! Your own summer uniform is really chic! ;)