vendredi 21 novembre 2014

Be kind: Rekindle, recycle

Dress by Isabel Marant Etoile

Back in August, I put this dress for sell, feeling a major fall out for it. I thought the cut wasn't that flattering, suddenly it had too many flaws, I needed extra cash so it had to go. Simple as that.
But the listing dragged on, weeks passing by, no sale happening and the dress remained hanging there, set aside, among my other clothes but unworn, waiting for a new home. 

Around exactly the same time, during summer sales, an APC skirt from the fall collection caught my eyes: the knee length, flirty pleats, side pockets and lightweight wool instantly attracted me, it was such a well-made basic. Trying it on in the Bon Marché changing room, I could already imagine it worn with so many of my items but I was and still am trying to restrain my fashion budget/purchases so I decided to wait to gather enough funds or to stalk second hand places for a lucky find. So far, I failed on both accounts.

   APC "Line" skirt

However staring for a prolonged time at the set aside lone dress must have triggered something or maybe the possibility of being left with an unwanted item sparked my brain because I don't know how but suddenly I saw that my dress could turn out to be the skirt I was crushing on by simply wearing a top over it. 

I thought about it for the first time a few weeks ago:

Zara trench/ COS sweater / Isabel Marant Etoile dress & scarf / New Balance x Comptoir des Cotonniers sneakers / Céline Trio bag.

And this thursday, my workwear version:

I'm wearing: Blazer, dress, scarf: Isabel Marant Etoile / sweater: H&M / striped tshirt: New Look / Mittens : C&A/ Tote bag: Céline / Brogues: Dries van Noten

So nothing new under the sun. Just so satisfying to rekindle an old love and make it fresh/new again which is why I wanted to share.

6 commentaires:

  1. That's the best, isn't it! It's pity that I have purged a lot of my clothes that sometimes I thought I should have kept that "___" (insert top, jeans, dress) and turn them into something else. But then, they have been with me for so long and I didn't do anything with them anyway. Or may be, colder climate make clothes wearable for more multiple way! (that's me trying to comfort me ^ ^) Your skirt (dress) looks pretty. If I have to dress for cold climate, yours is definitely on my inspiration board! - I Ying

    1. Yes! It's so easy to dismiss clothes once you're out of ideas or just get bored. I'm quite radical with a quick tendency to throw away/sell. Usually with good reason and no regret ever surfaces but from time to time, I long for the item I shoudn't have let go of! Haha!
      I think you're right, cold weather allowing more layering options, it may add some incentive to mix and match.

  2. Your skirt and flats/low shoes are giving me major Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" vibes, and I loved her outfits in that movie!

    1. Haha! Thanks! Even if I watched that movie, I had to google it to refresh my memory.

  3. love this 'turnaround' in reclaiming your dress! a skirt i was about to donate recently came in very handy as part of an outfit for a friend's wedding. and now i'm looking forward to wearing it in new ways :)

    1. How great to have these kind of "revelations"! Wishing these instances were not that rare and that I could be more creative in ways to rethink some clothes instead of just dismissing them and buying new stuff.