vendredi 28 novembre 2014


Rather than specific items, this season I'm more attracted to color.

I'm not turning into a neon sign just yet mind you but my red bag gets more mileage these days, as well as my camel coat -sometimes I wear both at the same time (haha!) and I found myself trying on a light blue sweater at COS the other day thinking it would look great with all my grey clothes. Baby steps. 

Here are a few inspiration pictures that I gathered on my laptop over the past months.

Black tweed coat and kaki sweater, a Fall winter classic material teamed with this season's trendy  but in my opinion equally timeless military green. One of those "safe" color if you know what I mean. It's color but not much risk of going overboard or mismatching. I actually just saw a Black woman in the subway wearing a scarf in this shade of green over her grey anthracite coat and she looked fantastic -eye-catching and understated, my favorite criteria for a look. Now I want something green. 

 (Steven Alan)

Shala Monroque adds some twist to her camel coat with a bordeaux beanie. I'm so doing a copycat of this color combination... 

Keri Russell's simple casual look is updated by the printed bordeaux (again) scarf, kaki green (again) sweater and grey jeans mix.  So good.

And always fabulous in darker season, black and grey with accents of white lights up the whole outfit. Following Phoebe Philo's lead (and zillions of others), I've been wearing my white Stan Smith a lot, makes me feel like a cool kid. Regardless, whereas a black shoe would still make the look completely chic yet very binary, white sneakers add a bit of unexpected brightness.

Julianne Moore

Phoebe Philo

3 commentaires:

  1. I think the burgundy & military green would be nice editions to your neutrals. A "safe" way to do color.
    How Zara Philo looks!! lol! They really nailed the Celine look this season.

  2. I agree with the need for more colour and like you I'm introducing it via the slightly more sludgy tones like you - like khaki and burgundys. They just bring the necessary lift to an otherwise rather "sombre" outfit.

    And yep - I feel like a "cool kid" too in the Stans. Funny what a pair of shoes can do for you.

  3. I'm on the hunt for a burgundy topcoat, I think it would look great with my new favorite pair of gray jeans. As long as I only have one colorful item in my outfit I think that would be enough "branching out" for me, lol. ::looks down at gray and black ootd::