lundi 2 février 2015

Renovation therapy, purchases and what I wore recently

One of the benefits of renovating my bedroom space and sleeping in my living room for weeks was that I had to drastically reconsider the storage capacity for my clothes/shoes/bags etc... I never considered myself a minimalist in terms of number but in my mind, the quantity of my items was you know, reasonnable. Mainly because it would fit in the space dedicated to it, not without challenges sometimes but it worked out mostly ok. 

So imagine my "surprise" when I had to move my entire collection on a rack, a few IKEA boxes and realized that it wouldn't do. 

In front of the foreseeable chaos, I took matters in hand and without any mercy, threw away, sold, gave as much as I could stand to part with. Also as much as I disliked it, I put my summer clothes in the cellar (I liked having these at hands because you never know I could jet out to a tropical destination right this minute and really, cellars just give me the creeps).

After all this hard work (I'm not kidding it's exhausting), buying more clothes took a different perspective. On one hand, after weeks of frustration because I had limited (and for once successfully) my purchases to a minimum, I wanted more than ever to buy pretty much anything but the idea of falling back again in the circle of adding more -mainly unworn after a few times- items prevented me from relapsing. 

As a result, from october 2014 to january 2015 I bought:  
  1. a down jacket (eBay) - to replace my Uniqlo parka which was really worn out, not to mention that the XS was getting a bit tight... Yeah, I didn't buy (that much) clothes but I didn't starve myself obviously... It's an Isabel Marant Etoile number which was styled so well on Nitty Gritty that I crushed on it to the point of saving the picture in my never ending wishlist folder for more than 2 years without ever having the opportunity to try it on, mind you. Fortunately, I absolutely love it on me, even though it's completely unflattering I find it utterly cool. Go figure. 
  2. Margiela shearling boots (eBay) - For when it's a bit cold but Sorel duck boots are not yet a necessity i.e. most of the time in Paris - I like how they're boyish, gritty - with a wild wild west vibe - and cosy. They definitely bring something new to my footwear collection and spark some fresh outfits ideas: I especially had fun playing the frontier look a few days ago with a hat, giant scarf and oversized coat. The ensemble would have come up entirely different with another pair of my boots but the Margiela fit with the whole theatrics.
  3. After dramatically shrinking my colorblock Isabel Marant Etoile sweater (Why did I set the washing machine to 40°C??? WHY?? <insert howl of despair>) and getting rid of a few other tired jumpers, I impulsively bought a caramel hued mohair sweater from H&M during the sales which actually is incredibly lovely and comforting. Also a different color than grey is a welcome change.
  4. Adidas Gazelle in black and white (Vestiaire Collective) : to fulfil my teenage in the 90's fantasy. I wanted these so badly back in the days but never got around to have this specific classic combination in my size, they kept selling out (Weird how some things never change, huh) with no eBay at the time to come to the rescue - or maybe there was but in its early mysterious stages. Well, 15 years later, they're mine (dream come true! haha!). I've not been wearing them recently though as I find them to be quite slippery so not ideal when it's wet and cold...
  5. Oversized cardigan, the one I've been drooling on since august 2014, the "rider" by Isabel Marant Etoile (eBay) but just couldn't justify dropping more than 300 euros on it. You gotta love eBay sometimes - and recently I loved it pretty well- because I found my gem for a third of its retail value. And it works just the way I envisionned it, so good to warm up an outfit underneath a coat.   
  6. Muji tactile gloves - so practical and cute (a rarity) with their gray/navy stripes + panties (because sales is the perfect opportunity to stock up on fresh underwear of quality).  

Voilà, the grand total. Ideally, I would like to maintain this rate of 1 or 2 items max per month in the future. 

Of course, not going to lie, I already spotted a few lot of "interesting" things from the spring collections - more on that later though - but I'm keeping myself in check because, as I know it deep down, I'm a creature of habit wearing the same things over and over again as this little recap of outfits I managed to capture during these past weeks prove. 3 recent aforementioned purchases are featured in these looks by the way.

I posted most of these pics on Instagram - so for those looking at my IG feed that's no news, still pretty sure size does matter so here they are in bigger resolution! 

I'm wearing:
beanie / bonnet: Eric Bompard - coat / manteau: Uniqlo  - scarf / écharpe: Acne Studios - jeans : Zara - sneakers / baskets: New Balance x Comptoir des Cotonniers - bag / sac: Céline. 

I'm wearing (from left to right):
1. coat / manteau: Comptoir des Cotonniers - scarf / écharpe + shirt / chemise: H&M - jeans: Uniqlo - boots: Acne Studios - bag /sac : Céline.
2. hat/ chapeau + sweater/pull : H&M (new addition) - coat/ manteau: Comptoir des Cotonniers - scarf / écharpe  : Acne Studios - jeans: Uniqlo - boots/ bottes: Margiela (new addition) - bag /sac: Balenciaga.
3. down jacket/ veste matelassée: Isabel Marant Etoile (new addition) - scarf / écharpe: COS - jeans: Uniqlo - sneakers/ baskets: Adidas
4. Pull/sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile - jeans: COS - boots : Margiela.

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  1. You look so cute in that camel coat. It makes me want one for myself!

    1. Thanks Kristina! It's seriously one of my best outerwear purchase even though the classic belted trenchcoat cut was not exactly what I'd consider "my style"...

    2. oh I just realized your coat is Uniqlo! Even more win! I was going to say; oh no wonder its so well-fitting--it's an Acne coat.

      Re: Comptoir des Cotonniers, you and Kali are so lucky to have access to that (only available in NY in the US.) I tried on some coats when I visited New York and they fit so well at the shoulders and arms. I don't get that lucky with Zara--I'm too small for their Mediums and my waist not nipped enough for their smalls.

    3. Haha! I don't even dear trying an Acne coat, at least until I win the lottery of course... So meanwhile I'm sticking to Uniqlo, they're pretty good at delivering solid basics.
      I don't think you're missing out much with Comptoir even though I agree the cut is most of the time Ok but to me since it's been bought by Fast Retailing (!) it has become very very pricy but it's also lost that je ne sais quoi which made it one my favorite/must see /have brand. Re Zara sizing, I'm just returning a parka I got on sales, I want to like it and keep it but the fit is just the opposite of how a good parka should look like on me! :((

  2. Réponses
    1. Thank you Prêt! I think I'll wear it tomorrow if it's not too cold...

  3. you look beautiful and stylish in all of these outfits! so funny that we have the same Margiela boots (scored mine on major sale several years ago...) and acne scarf :)

    1. Thanks Miss Sophie! Just goes to prove once more how great minds share the same tastes even years and distance apart!

  4. I love the tones of camel, grey and black in these pics. You look so cozy and chic at the same time!

    1. Thanks Mel! It's basically what I've been wearing all winter... ;)

  5. I have way too many "saved searches" on eBay! I'm forever watching a few items hoping the sellers will reduce the price! It can be very frustrating but when you actually get a good deal it feels very rewarding. So far I've purchased one item that was not on my list for the year, I'm still debating on whether or not I should return it...

    Love all the IM pieces, totally understand not wanting to pay those astronomical retail prices!

    1. Haha, I do the same eBay stalking! So good indeed when stars align and you get what you want at a bargain!