jeudi 19 mars 2015

Fingers crossed

In the span of 24 hours I made 2 online purchases. Quite unexpected for me as I usually prefer "real life" shopping. However after a string of shitty days, I guess rash decisions were to be expected and better throw a bit of money away than dealing with the consequences of telling the boss to fuck off. 

First impulse purchase, a(nother) denim jacket. I've been quite obsessed with denim outerwear lately - will do a post on that later. 

It's quite rare that I browse the Topshop site, I don't think I'm in their demo anymore, the models look so so young and not having the possibility to physically see nor try most of the items make me rule it out of my online shopping sightings. 

But not yesterday and when I saw that jacket, sporadic yet not so random thoughts collided transcripted below: 

Wow!! It looks like that Isabel Marant jacket I've been crushing on since last year (with all the right details: patchwork, raw dark denim, kimono, quilted, pockets) + useful + functional (for mid-season) = Oh my God, oh my god, oh la la, it's so cool, I want it right now!!! 

Hyperventilated a bit in the process especially when I realized my size was still available and I could get it. Quickly looked at the general conditions and made my first ever Topshop online purchase. 

Fingers crossed it will be as good as I'm dreaming it.    

As for my second grab: I've been crushing on these lace-up leather espadrilles for the past month. The shape is very original yet understated, reminds me of something Lemaire would do or maybe did hence why I have this vague déjà-vu feeling. 

Problem is my size sold out fast and ever since I've been stalking the website and all 3 Paris stores to no avail. Even questionned the unhelpful client service. 

Today a 37 popped out and even though it is not my size, I was overjoyed and bought them anyway... Now I'm just praying HARD that my 37,5 38 will fit in... Haha! 

& Other stories

Will keep you posted when I receive both items. Hoping that images aren't deceiving and that reality will match my own preconceived ideas of what these things should look and feel like... 

Hum, I guess I'm not the only one resorting to comfort shopping, what were your recent impulse purchases?   

7 commentaires:

  1. I love that the denim jacket looks like a martial arts uniform. The dark indigo also reminds me of Engineered Garments' exclusively-designed uniforms for Ippudo (a ramen restaurant in New York.) Their jackets are made from twill, but should break in like denim does.

    Hope the purchases work out for you and that the work stress abates!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Kristina!

      I'm really interested in those very functional clothes like the restaurants uniform - that's such a cool "identity" look for a restaurant not to mention that they're all pretty good looking!- getting back to the core of things but mixing it up with my own heritage, tastes for old school, bohemian. The contrast could be interesting.

  2. I haven't been in a heavy impulse shopping mode, just sort of picking up basics/needs. I was very tempted by a RO jacket instantly triggered a daydream sequence, but the measurements don`t match up.

    That denim jacket reminds me of my old karate uniform. It definitey looks like that marant style, very you. I hope thngs get better at work.

    1. Well, RO tend to have that daydream effect! In my case, except for a Lilies item years ago, it never went past that lurking/drooling phase. ;)) But that leather jacket he does, it's my grail...
      As for work, thanks for your well wishes, talking about the event calmed me down but it was eye-opening on the violence of management.

  3. I love your purchases! Hope they work out and hope you are feeling better! Retail therapy is sometimes a necessity ;)

    1. Thanks Mel! So kind of you to have been my sympathetic and comforting hear.