vendredi 20 mars 2015

Tenue du jour

C'est le printemps! Bye-Bye winter! Welcome spring! 

However official it is, the weather didn't magically turned Disney-style bright sun, warm temperatures and birds chirping! Today has been quite cold and gloomy with the heavily polluted grey skies keeping the sun hidden under a thick veil till the afternoon. 

But enough with the Paris weather report! 

Following on from my new found appreciation of the white palette, I decided to fight the depressing atmosphere by marrying different shades of it to get an overall light and soft look, the last thing I wanted was to add up dark colors and blend in the background!

I'm wearing
Coat: I sabel Marant "bator"/ Sweater: Isabel Marant "Risha" / Cords: Gap / Boots: Isabel Marant / scarf: Dries van Noten / Bag: Céline

4 commentaires:

  1. It is currently snowing here on the East Coast. I love snow but c'mon already! Still love that Bator coat, reminds me I should check eBay for the H&M version. My white jeans escaped the latest round of closet purging but we'll see if I actually wear them - it's not so easy when you're used to wearing dark skinny jeans!

    1. I saw that on your IG feed. That's tough!
      About white pants, I had the same apprehension but in the end got used to wearing them very easily & quickly. Maybe because I was very tired of the same old same old black/dk blue skinny jeans...

  2. totally with you on the lightening up factor. i am hopeful that this is the last of the snow for us! :)

    1. Color really help to get into spring even if the weather doesn't act accordingly so! Good luck with the last bouts of winter!