samedi 28 mars 2015

Fingers uncrossed

A quick follow-up on my online shopping ventures.

First came the & Other Stories shoes.

They looked identical to the website's picture and I really liked the butter soft leather. The only problem to be expected was the size, I could squeeze my feet in them but it kind of distort the style as you can clearly see that my toes are grasping for some space not to mention that it's just uncomfortable. So back they went!


As for the Topshop jacket:

I think I should have taken the 38 instead of 36. I thought the fit would be more oversized and it actually is not at all. 

That said, I'm overall undecided because even though delivery is quick I'm not sure it's worth going through the back and forth process. It's the kind of item that I may warm up to if I find the right outfit combination but it's safe to say that it doesn't come close to what I imagined it would be like. So it has 95 % chances to go back on Monday...  

These fails only confirms that online shopping is rarely working for me and that in time of crisis I should shop within close quarters!

2 commentaires:

  1. could call sending back the shoes. I say return the jacket, if you're not 100% in love with it, by next year you'll be selling it off at a loss. I know that's what happens to me.

    1. I had little hope about the shoes as well but wrongly chose to focus on the fact that in the past I wore 37 boots... The Topshop jacket will also go back in the end. I always want the "I'm missing this" outerwear but let's be real, enough is enough.