dimanche 29 mars 2015

My picks at... H&M

This last Friday, after the end of another round of renovation work in my appartment - you wouldn't believe how happy I am about my new boiler and radiators in place! Haha! - which involved lots of furniture shifts, dusting, cleaning so when order was finally restored, all I wanted was grab a few home stuff at Hema, go to the bookstore and stay home for the rest of the week-end. 

Somehow though between home and book shopping, I took a turn by H&M and found myself with half a dozen items in hand... My typical spring/summer casual picks: loose clothes, soft colors, linen and cotton materials. 

First item I tried and forgot to take a modelling picture of was this lyocell blouse. However I wasn't pleased with the item: what interested me was its retro 70's vibe but worn it was just too dull for me.

This shirt had a lot of eye catching elements for me : I like linen so much and blue is an all time favorite. The length and fit of that top were nailed down, it's a solid basic and I was really tempted to buy this number. Eventually I didn't though it remains in the back of my head.


This denim-like shirt was shown on a mannequin in full denim on denim look, accessorized with a delicate sliver pendant. The result was pretty well done, the kind of display that I can relate to.
The shirt in itself seems like a good deal, no bust gap, the shorter hem is trendy without any risk of navel or muffin top exposure, the lyocel material soft and supple, the medium blue denim wash very easy to mix and match.  Overall though, I wasn't taken with it.

That shirt dress below is is the kind of clothes that makes me come back to H&M. 
It looks insignificant on the rack, then I put it on and Bam! That's so what I want right now yet I feel that I could like it for a long time as it ticks a lot of my boxes: classic dress cut ☑ that won't go out of style by the end of spring 2015 - versatile ☑: I can wear it to work as well under a blazer or trench with wedges, flats. Only downsidesadly recurrent with almost any range of clothing brands - it's not lined, so a slip would be necessary in my opinion. 

A shot of color in all my picks with these mango/ocre chino pants. I don't think I would have looked at these really if it wasn't for the Atelier Delphine lookbook which made me aware of this kind of color's potential especially mixed with my favorite summer blues. 
H&M is quite good at producing these pants and I already have several pairs. They have that right amount of slouch and tapered, the cotton is both sturdy and soft. 
I couldn't find this item on the h&m site, it seemed to be among the latest store arrivals though so it may be added in the days to come.

Also a classic that I love for the warmer seasons, the boyfriend jeans. This striped light blue slightly destroyed version is such a cute update. Something I plan on wearing with white blouse, tan sandals later and with sneakers or Isabel Marant suede boots just now. Again, I was unable to find this item online but they're from the LOGG collection.

And on the same occasion took a what I was wearing picture:

Zara leather jacket + pants - H&M sweater - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers - Céline Trio bag

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  1. I like that you've stuck with your true style when selecting clothes in H&M and when done right, there are some little gems to be had in there - I've just got myself a plain white shirt for the summer which is just casual enough to say that I don't work in an office. It's also quite easy to be blindsided by all the latest trends - those are the ones I end up returning. And I think I need to take another look at that dress and those ochre coloured pants - I like!

    1. H&M is certainly worth checking for basic on a budget. Why is it so hard to resist to those trendy items? Really, I'm the same, buying and returning when (if!) some sense luckily downs on me!

  2. i think H&M has been making a few great gems each season. beats out Zara lately IMO :) you look great, especially the last look!

    1. Thanks sweetie! The spring collection is pretty good, it had been a long while since I last found something interesting at H&M even longer till I actually purchased anything.

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  3. I vote for the collarless blue linen shirt & the dress.

  4. I love these pieces! The dress in particular - is it the dark grey colour you're trying on in the fitting room picture? It's lovely. H&M is so hit and miss (and the sizing has me tearing my hair out at times) but there are definitely a few great things to be discovered. This season I bought a really nice organic cotton Breton shirt, a little basket bag and some navy patterned yoga pants.

    P.s. I can understand how exciting a new boiler is - we got a new one a few months ago after a year of it playing up, it's BRILLIANT!! :-)


    1. I agree, this brand is hit or miss, usually a big miss and so frustrating because there's soooo much choice it feels almost unbelievable that you wouldn't finf anything to like/want. The basket bag sounds like a lovely spring accessory!
      Re P.S. You get it!! No more waiting for freezing water to warm up and heating system is on top!