lundi 6 avril 2015

Spring coverup

Designer Yvonne Koné in her Mads Norgaard coverall jacket

A denim work jacket is what I have in mind for spring like the one worn by Danish designer Yvonne Koné.

I've been quite attracted to the work version rather than the standard jacket (which I already have) - without the mildly useful 2 breast buttoned pockets but actual front pockets I can easily shove my hands/ iPhone/ metro card into.

I would like soft but not paper thin denim in a medium wash or raw indigo blue with an oversize longer cut - to cover part of my bum- and generous pockets.

Ideally, it would be this old Acne jacket...

Maria Van Nguyen (

I'd counterbalance the utilitarian non-descript style of the jacket with my favorite combinations of basics: loose clothes, shots of color, a bit of Dutch wax/batik prints, a prim dress -to dress it up and flats. 

denim jacket

4 commentaires:

  1. that acne jacket! i have had an image of it saved on my computer for ages...
    do you know the style name of it? i took a screen shot of a girl wearing it and have never been able to find the original source since then.

    merci merci! your blog is one of the only ones i read with continuity!

  2. Haha! Your story totally echoes mine!! I've been stalking all the online second hand stores for that Acne jacket (called the "Brancusi"). Let's join in a prayer so that Acne reproduces it again!
    Truly appreciate your kind words about the blog!

  3. Ugh that Acne denim jacket has been on my radar for so long, but I missed the original season and it never seems to come up used anywhere. Seeing you post it just brought back all my desire!

    1. I wish I wasn't so hung up on things there's one in a million chance for me to get... Just can't help looking for that jacket after all this time.